Murder Mayhem

8:00 sharp. Everyone was waiting in front of the school building. Soon after Mr. Griffith opened the front door of the school and the kids went inside.

"Ok. Once I give you the camcorders you will turn them on. You will record everything from this moment, until you all get out. Monday mourning. As you know Monday is no school, so no one will be here but you the Janitor, and the ghosts." He smiled and the teens looked around uneasy.

"Mr. What if we run out of tape?" Asked Becky.

"Just in case there are extra tapes waiting for you when you get there. I see you all have your clothes and your food. Well let's give out the camcorders shall we?" Mr. Griffith said. Each person got a camcorder and the all turned it on.

"Well let's go. I will show you to the basement room door. Once you get inside please know that that is where you will say. The pool is also down there, and I just want to say that I hope you guys have a very safe weekend." They started to walk and Mr. Griffith led the way. When they got to a door that the students knew was always locked. Mr. Griffith opened it and they seen some stairs. They walked down the winding stairs and soon came to another door. Mr. Griffith opened the door and they seen the pool. There were places to sleep near it and the teens looked at it with astonishment. It was chilly down there and they tightened their coats around them.

"Why is does the water look so, clean?" Dena asked.

"We like to keep the basement pool in top shape. Have fun I must be going. Oh and remember don't turn off your camcorders. Bye, and have a safe one." Mr. Griffith closed the door.

"Well good thing I brought some condoms. Which one of you girls want a little of me?" Sean joked.

"Lets look around." Amanda suggested.

"Isn't that the same thing that all girls say in movies right before they get their head chopped off?" Derrick said with amusement in his voice. Dena smiled and walked over to him.

"I know what other girls do in movies. Come with me." Dena said. She led Derrick to the locker rooms and Janice smiled.

"Well we know better then to go that way. How about we take a dip in the pool. Sean, find some kind of heating thing to get this place a little warmer. I know they must have one around here somewhere." Janice said.

Sean bowed and walked away. Tommy, and Becky were talking and David was trying to start a conversation with Amanda. Will was in a corner trying to look cool. Janice went over to him.

"Hey Will. Why do you look all quiet?" Janice asked.

"Cause. I'm just wondering why in the world did Mr. Griffith invite us here. It could be cool and everything, but maybe this is a chance that I can go for Amanda."

"Yeah. It could be. Sean and me are messing around and I know this will do good for us. Just like Dena and Derrick."

At that moment Dena started to scream from the locker room. Everybody looked grabbed their camcorders and ran into the locker room.

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