"Oh look he's here!" Addy said to her twin sister.

Scott Weanne had just walked into the auditorium. Scott was considered one of the hottest guys in acting to all teenage girls.

"Oh my god, oh my god, Addy ahhh." Addy's sister Llana was freaking out.

"Okay Llana slow down, but it is true he is a god."


"And we get to try out with him for his new movie."

Addy and Llana are 17-year-old girls who had ever since grade 3 loved acting and drama. In 3rd grade was the play; it was going to be either Addy or Llana who got the part of Little Red Riding Hood. Neither of them was willing to give it up and they were both just as good. So the two ended up being the leads together (One ended up being Little Blue Riding Hood though) they have stuck with acting and drama ever since.

"Hey Llana,"


"Where did Josh go?"

"Your boyfriend probably hasn't found a parking space yet. He isn't even supposed to stay that long."

"Oh shut up at least I have a boyfriend."

"Oh well, I'm cool with it because after I get this part my boyfriend is going to be Scott."

Llana paused with a dreamy look in her eyes. Then she started talking again.

"Hey wait a second. Addy, if you get this part you won't get to see Josh all that much and you will probably get really close to Scott."

"I know that, I already talked with Josh about it. He's cool with it. Plus I love him and he loves me and nothing can take that away from us."

"If you say so." Said Llana unsure if that was possible.

It seemed to be taking forever to get things going. Too many girls were crowded around Scott trying to talk to him and get autographs for anything to happen. Addy though it was stupid.

"You know Llana some of these girls are just. Llana, Lana?"

"I'm over here Addy. I'm waiting to meet Scott and get his autograph."

"Geez, you are such a nitwit."

"Hey that was mean."

"Well we go in groups to try out and we get to meet Scott while trying out anyways so what is the point now."

"Yeah you're right."

"Well of course, I'm always right."


Llana playfully hit her sister on the arm.

"Hey Addy, there's Josh."

"Ooh, yay, you comin' to say hi?"

"Naw, you guys are just going to kiss and get all mushy. When it is me, I feel like I will throw up."

"Hey may as well learn now Llana, I mean for when you get Scott and all."

"Oh shut up."

Addy had already started running towards Josh and Llana started to run after her. They ere able to run because the room was so empty with everyone crowded around Scott.

"Hey sweetie." Josh smiled and put his arms around Addy.

"Hi!" Josh kissed Addy softly.

"Hey Josh, how do you know that's Addy? It could be Llana ya know."

"Naw, I know the difference plus. Addy would never do that t me, would you baby?"

"Not a chance."

With hat Addy turned to her sister and said,

"And Llana, if you ever tried to be me to get to Josh, I would pound you down to dust. Josh is my man."

"I know, I know and when I'm pounded into dust you would through me in the dirt and nobody would know the difference."

"Oh Llana, you're getting so very smart, and what a memory." Addy was tapping her sister on the head as she said it.

"My god, ADDY you're pissing me off, I hate when you treat me like I'm some younger, dumb blonde, valley girl. I was few minutes younger than you, I have the same 80-90% average as you, I'm blonde but so are you, and I hang out with the drama people no the valley's. Also the valley's aren't even that bad people just try to make them out to be that way!"

With that Llana stomped off.

"I think I pushed her buttons too hard don't you."

"You have already talked about switching places to fool me?"



"Were you even paying attention?"

"Yeah, but I wasn't sure how to fit in that other bit about you crushing her to dust, I was wondering about it."

"Well, then yes we have already talked about it and now please help me."

"You don't need my help though Addy. You did push her buttons a bit too much and you now should go apologize. That is what you always have done."

"Yeah you're right, thanks."

"Your welcome. Kay well, since I can't stay for the auditions when should I come back?"

"Um I don't know in a hour or two, there's a burger place over there you could go check out."

"Cool, well I'll see a later sweetie."

"Bye baby."

Josh kissed her and he left the large auditorium. When he left a voice came over the P.A. system.

"EVERYONE! Get away from Scott! Anyone who is actually auditioning for the movie please find groups with 9 other people. And for you dumb ones that means a group of ten."

"Geez that lady isn't very nice." Addy said to herself.

Addy found Llana who was already with 5 other people.

"Hey Llana, could I talk to you?"

"Are you going to put me down some more?"

"No, I just came t apologize. When I talk to you like that, you don't get that pissed off like that, so I get used to it. Plus it is the way I am. I'm really sorry if I hurt you, will you accept my apology?"

Llana was still angry but could tell her sister was being sincere.

"Yah sure. But watch out, you're on warning."


Addy hugged her sister and they were best friends again.

"So, Llana I see you have found some friends."

"Yeah. This is Alaina, Katie, Julianna, Cassidy and Samantha."

"Cool, did you guys all come together?"

Samantha was the one who spoke for all of them.

"Well, Alaina, Cassidy and I came together, then we met Llana and them we found Katie and Julianna.

"Cool, so are we all going in together?" Addy asked

"Yeah but Addy we need a few more people." Said Llana.

"Well, I say Kayla and Solaria from school."

"Really? I've been walking around I haven't seen them.

"Well, you know how they always come late."

"Yeah, okay cool."

So the group went to go get Solaria and Kayla who had another person with them. The group then went to go sign up to get in and audition for the movie with Scott.