Cry to the Angels

Burn through the exploding stars,

desperate for survival.

Help myself, help everyone.

Lay down and suffer,

(that's what I was made for.)

Driving my life in so many different directions that already I'm seasick.

I saw him,

a thick flame burning his flesh from the outside in.

He stood over me,

as though he hadn't noticed yet that he was dying.

I watched as my trust for him slipped away,

I knew long before him,

that love tares the skin apart,

it rips and bleeds,

until you're left exposed.

Naked on the bed that he left me on,

red roses surround me, as though light were radiating from there thorny insides.

Crash me,

its time,

to let go of this burning man

that I can't seem to think well of,

or ill for that matter.

I wish for the make believe man that I saw so fluently,


because there was nothing left for me to see but good.

But now all I see is bad.