Perhaps it's not worth longing for,
When I know I'll never have it.
I'm not high enough to reach the pedestal
That I put her on the day I first saw her.
She's too far above me.
Others don't seem to think so-
They say she's too wild,
Too annoying,
Ask me why I'm her friend
And how I put up with her-
But isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder?
I love her, and that isn't an emotion
I'm willing to give up so easily.
Perhaps these feelings are misplaced,
Misguided, unnatural, fit for better.
But they are not untrue,
And thus I grasp them all the more tightly.
I will cherish this little bit of warmth,
Let it grow into a blaze in my heart
And warm my entire soul.
If I haven't succeeded in diminishing its brightness,
Even after all this time,
Then try though they might, the nonbelievers will never
Be able to put it out.