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"I'll get you!" Hope cried, after getting splashed.

Matt laughed. He looked at her. Her black hair was wet, and her grey eyes were shining.

She was pretty tall, 6 feet. 'She's really hot,' he thought.

Hope jumped in the lake, fully clothed, and dunked him underneath the water.

She loved to be with him. When he resurfaced, she looked at him.

His usually spiked black hair, was down and wet. He had a nice body, muscular. He was a tall 6"4. He was 16, only 2 years older than Hope.

He had a really nice smile. Like her, he had pearly white, perfectly straight teeth.

Although she wanted to be with him more than anything else, she know it could never be. Both of them were warriors, for a super secret organization, and it was illegal to date other people in it. It was illegal to date anyone at all.

The warriors were chosen at birth, taken away from their parents at the age of five, or, in Hope and Matt's case, as soon as they could walk, and they immediately started training.

Most of the children were forced to live somewhat normal lives. They went to school, some got jobs, and they made normal friends. Bur, they went to a night school also. Where they learned to fight, maneuver weaponry, dance, speak other languages, and take the normal school subjects, usually making them one of the smartest people in their normal day classes.

Hope, like many of the other children and teens didn't have many normal friends.

And Matt, like many of the other 16 year olds, had dropped out of school to dedicate themselves fully to their training and fighting.

The organization was called Storm Fighters.

Each of the warriors were monitored 24/7 to stop them from doing anything forbidden. Some were expelled, some were tortured, some were beaten, and in extreme measures, some were killed.

"We better get going, training starts soon," Matt said.

Matt put on his usual clothes, but since Hope had jumped in with her only clothes still on, she would have to go back soaked.

Now, the Storm Fighters are very technically advanced. Matt pulled out a small ball from his back pocket, and threw it against the ground.

There was a small bang, and a cloud of smoke rose up.

There was a motorcycle, where the ball had landed. Matt jumped on and Hope grabbed the handle on the back.

Then he drove off.

They pulled up in front of a hidden building, downtown. Actually, it was just a door, with what looked like a hall from the outside, but it was only about 5 feet long, and 10 feet tall. It was crammed between two huge buildings, hardly noticeable. To those who did notice it, it was just a run down old building.

Matt knocked, and an eye slit opened.

"Matttholomute Dreams, Hopeful Fight?" The voice asked.

"Uh-huh, that's right," Matt said. He and Hope were well known, 2 of the best warriors in the entire Storm Fighter organization.

"We need the password," The voice said.

Hope looked questionably at Matt. They never had to give the password before, since they were so well known.

"What lays before us, and what lays behind as are tiny matters compared to what lays within us," Hope answered, reciting the now familiar pledge.

The eye slit closed, and then the door opened, reveling a long stairway.

Sorry, Hopeful Fight, Matttholomute Dreams, there have been a lot of douplegangers. We've already had 5 pose a you Hopeful. Three of you Matttholomute," The doorman said.

"Only three of me? Why does Hope get five?" Matt joked.

"Thank you for informing us, Rapture - uh -" Hope paused, searching her memory for his full name. "Rapture Jowl. And I commend you for having such precautions, even for us," Hope said, bowing. Matt bowed too. Rapture then proceeded to get on one knee, put his hand on his chest and bowed nearly to the floor, as was customary to do to your superiors,

"Maybe we'll spar sometime," Matt said. Hope and him walked down the steep stairs, just ahead.

When they reached the bottom, Hope looked around. The place was huge. She couldn't see any of the other walls. Everywhere she looked, people were sparring or training.

"Hey, look over there," Matt said, jerking his hand towards a kid. He was about 4 or 5, and looking scared.

"Come on," Hope said, pulling Matt towards the kid.

"I can walk on my own," Matt grumbled. Hope dropped his arm. "Hi, what's your name?" Hope said, kneeling in front of him, making her voice light and sweet.

"Greg," The kid said.

"How old are you Greg?" She asked. He held up 4 fingers, his thumb bent in half.

"Four in a half?" He nodded. "Wow, that's pretty smart of you."

"Yeah, my daddy taught it to me," Greg said happily. Hope looked at Matt. They didn't remember their parents, but they knew others that did. After they found out they'd never see their parents again, they got really sad, for about 2 moths, and wouldn't do anything for that time.

"Well Greg, are you here to train?" Matt asked, wanting to change the subject.

"That's what my daddy says!" Greg answered happily.

'That's weird,' Matt thought. Usually they kidnaped the kids. The parents never knew about it.

At that moment, and old part-Japanese man walked in. He was about sixty. He had long thin white hair, and a small, pointy white beard. He was also wearing a white robe.

"Master," Hope and Matt said in unison, getting down on one knee, putting their hand on their chest, and lowering their heads nearly to the floor. The people around them did the same.

"Daddy!" The little boy cried, still happily, running towards the man.

Hope and Matt looked up in time to see the man scoop up the boy.

"Master! You have a child?!" Hope burst our. Matt and everyone else looked at her.

She shut her mouth quickly, and bowed her head again.

"It's OK, Hopeful Fight. I can understand your surprise. Actually, he is my grandson, but two weeks after he was born, his parents got into a fight, and died, so I have raised him. You may all rise," The Master said.

Everyone got up.

"Daddy. These two people are really nice, could they take me outside?" Greg asked in his grandfathers arms.

"Yes, they may Greg. Hopeful, Matttholomute, I would like to see you two in my office when you get back," The master said.

"Yes sir," They said bowing. The Master began to walk away.

"Wait! Master! What about classes?" Hope called after him. Matt looked at her again, shock written all over his face.

"My, My Miss Fight, aren't you getting over-confident?" The Master tsked.

Hope blushed again, and looked at her feet.

"You are excused from classes until you return," He smiled. Then he narrowed his eyes at Hope. "Don't let your over-confidence be a problem, or we'll be forced to deal with you."

"Yes sir," Hope said meekly. The Master left.

Hope and Matt each took one of Greg's hands, and went up the stairs.

"I've only been outside once before!" Greg said, excitement flooding out his mouth.

"And your father trusted us enough to take you outside again?" Matt gasped. He didn't realize what an honor this was.

"Uh huh. He told me you two are the strongest here. He says you may even surpass him soon. I'm so glad I got to meet you," Greg said.

"He said that?" Matt asked.

"Hello Rapture Jowl. We'll be back in a little while," Hope said, bowing to Rapture as she came to the front door.

"You're not going to train?" He asked.

"No, we're taking The Masters grandson out," Matt grinned.

Rapture looked shocked as they left.

"How are we going to get around? The law says only two per bike," Hope asked.

"Look's like we're taking the bus," Matt grinned.

"Want to be carried?" Hope asked Greg.

"Yeah, sure," Matt answered with a grin.

"Not you!" Hope pushed him playfully.

"OK!" Greg answered.

Hope scooped him up. He wrapped his arm around her neck, and sat comfortably on her arm, facing her.

Hope and Matt walked to the bus stop, in silence.

"Aren't you a little young?" An old woman asked her.

"A little young for what?" Hope asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"To have a child of corse," The woman answered.

Hope grinned. "Well, you know, a girls got to make a living."

The woman gasped as the bus pulled up. Matt and Hope climbed on.

"That was mean," Matt laughed.

"I know, but she had it coming," Hope said.

"Yeah, but did you see her? It looked like she was about to have a heart attack," Matt laughed. "Uh...where does this bus go?"


"Where are we going?"

"Um..." Matt started.

"You just wait, you'll see," Hope said, joyfully. There was no way she was going to tell the kid that they didn't know. Hope looked out the window.

Suddenly she saw a guy in a cape, with a high collar that went up to His ears. He had black hair, and cold, dark eyes.

"Hey, isn't that...?" Hope said, pointing at the guy.

Matt pulled on the cord. The bus didn't stop.

"Hey! Stop!" Matt yelled to the driver.

"At the next stop," The driver growled.

"Please stop now?" Hope asked in her sweetest voice.

"The next stop is right here," The driver sighed, pulling over.

"Who is it?" Greg asked innocently.

Hope and Matt jumped off the bus. "An old friend," Matt answered coldly.

"Night! Night Sky!" Hope called. The guy in the cape turned around.

Hope gave Matt Greg. She ran, then glomped the guy, nearly sending him falling to the ground.

"Hope? Hope Fight?" He asked, putting his hand on her shoulder and pushing her away slightly to look at her.

"Night. It's been so long. Where have you been?" Hope asked quietly.

"I'm sorry Hope. I've been on a mission," Night said, pushing her away more, gently.

"Why didn't you take me? We were partners," She said.

"You weren't ready. Though I'm not sure about now, you weren't ready then. It was too dangerous," Night explained.

Matt cleared his throat. Night looked at him. "Matttholomute Dreams, what are you doing here?" Night said, his tone changing drastically to a more dangerous one.

"I'm Hope's new partner," Matt said, trying not to sound to hateful.

"And the kid? He's not yours, is he?" Night mocked.

"He's The Masters. He trusted his two BEST warriors to watch him," Matt smirked.

"Then what are you doing with him?" Night smiled.

Hope didn't realize the tension. She was too busy looking lovingly at Night.

Night and Matt had been rivals since they were six, but after Hope had turned 12, they started fighting for her, even though they knew that they couldn't have her. Night always had the upper hand, because he and Hope had been partners, until he left one year before.

Greg jumped down from Matt's arms. He tugged on Hope's leg.

"Can we leave now Hopeful?" Greg asked, uncomfortable with all the tension.

Hope looked at him and smiled. "Are you coming back now?" She asked Night.

"I'll be back by tomorrow," he said.

"OK, I'll see you then," Hope said to him. She picked up Greg, and her and Matt jumped on the next bus.

"Was that Nighlet Sky?" Greg asked.

"Yep, sure was," Hope answered.

"Wow. My daddy told me about him...Nighlet Sky has been an a mission at the Death Dealers in Japan for the past year, getting info on them. With him Fan, Fatalism Opus, and er...Foundry Precede. Daddy said he hasn't talked to them for 6 months, 'sept they're suppose to come back next month," Greg said.

"Really? I wonder why Nighlet is back early," Matt said.

The Death Dealers were the Storm Fighters main enemy.

Hope remembered most of them.

Skylight Fan, was Hope's friend, Matt's best friend and old partner. All his friends called him Sky. He was a loyal friend, and tended to be very open. Hardly anything could keep him down.

Fatalism Opus not only loved classical music, but also believed everything was determined by fate. His name was well chosen. His mother was suppose to be a dream watcher, and his father was suppose to be a profit. His parents were some one of the few who knew that Fatalism's fate was to be in the Storm Fighters, and had actually given him up willingly, on the condition that they could visit him every now and then. Hope had been good friends with him, but Matt had found him somewhat annoying.

Foundry Precede was unpredictable and spontaneous, and although he liked Hope, and was really funny, both Hope and Matt couldn't stand him, unless he was treating about 15 of the warriors to something fun. Since he liked Hope, Matt and Night were always invited.

"Where are we going now?" Greg asked.

"We are going back," Matt said.

"Aww! But we didn't get to do anything," Greg whined.

The bus stopped by a big building, on of the ones that sheltered the Storm Fighters building.

They got off the bus, and went back to the building.

Hope knocked. The eye slit opened.

"Hopeful Fight, Matttholomute Dreams, come in," The door watcher said, opening the door.

"Fool," Matt said to the guys face.

"Huh?" The guy asked.

"Aren't you aware that there are douplegangers around here? You have to ask EVERYONE for the password," Hope said. She pushed past him and started down the stairs.

"Who else have you let in without the password?" Matt hissed.

"Just Nighlet Sky," The doorkeeper whimpered.

Hope put down Greg. "Got o you dad. Tell him we may have a doupleganger," Hope said quickly. Her and Matt ran down the stairs.

He wasn't hard to spot. "Do douplegangers have the persons memory?" Hope asked.

"Not usually, but it depends on the power. Some remember nothing, while others remember a week, while still others can remember everything the person they turn into does," Matt said. He was just learning about douplegangers this year, he knew Hope would know next to nothing.

"OK, here goes," Hope said. She took a breath. "Night! I am so glad to see you!" Hope cried. Night turned to her.

She ran over to him and hugged him.

"Uh, do I know you?" Night asked.

"You don't remember me?" She asked innocently. "I'm Hope. Hopeful Fight," She said, kissing him lightly on the lips.

"Sorry I didn't recognize you, you just look different," He said, kissing her back.

"Night! Hi! Remember me? I'm Matt," Matt said, like he was greeting an old friend. A few people looked. They knew Matt and Night had never gotten along.

"Matt? Ah, yes, Matt. I am so glad to see you, old friend," Night smiled.

Hope punched him in the face, attracting the stares of the other people around them.

"You little beast," The doupleganger hissed.

He ran up to her. She grabbed his wrist, and used his momentum to push her onto the ground. Still using his momentum, she pushed onto her shoulders, kicked him in the stomach, and let go of his wrists. He was sent flying, where Matt punched him in the back. He landed on the ground hard.

Hope pulled out her sword necklace. She said a few words under her breath, and it grew into a full sized real sword.

She held it straight above Night's chest, point just over his heart.

"Show your true form, doupleganger," Hope ordered. She may not have taken douplegangers yet, but all the warriors learned that is she killed him in this form, she would also kill the real Night.

"Show your true form, and I may spare you," Hope ordered, angry.

Slowly, Nights face became twisted. It turned white, with purple markings under its eyes, and on its forehead there was a third, side-ways eye.

It's hair was shoulder length, and grey. It's cloths melted into it's skin, leaving just a pure white body, with yet more purple markings.

" kill it, or not to kill it, that is the question," Hope grinned madly. She always loved a good kill.

She raised the sword, and plunged it down.

"Stop!" She heard someone behind her command. She stopped, the tip of the sword just touching its chest.

Behind her, was The Master.


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