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Matttholomute - Matt - tho - lo - mute

Nighlet - N - eye - lit


Hope turned her head, not moving her sword from its position above the doupleganger.

"We'll study it during classes tonight. Someone come and take it away," The Master said. Four people, wearing gloves, knocked it out and carried it away, not letting it touch their skin. Hope and Matt looked at each other. In their haste, they had forgotten that a doupleganger could turn into whomever it touched. They just hoped that someone would be watching it, so it wouldn't turn into them, and confuse everyone.

"Hopeful Fight, Matttholomute Dreams, come with me," He said, turning to them.

They followed obediently behind him, and entered his 'office'. The room only he, and the people he invited were allowed. Matt and Hope had never been invited before.

"My son said that there might be a doupleganger. I was going out to handle it, but I'm glad you two did instead. Who was on the door watch?" The Master asked.

Hope didn't really listen. She was too busy looking around in awe at the room. It was as big as two football fields. Part of it was an indoor garden. There were pebbles, and in the pebbles grew some bonsai trees, and in the middle was a cherry blossom tree in full bloom. There were also some big rocks, strategically placed to give it a wild, yet somehow domesticated look.

There was a small stream that ran around the room, with a martial artist fountain. Also, against one of the walls, was a large, and quick running waterfall.

In another part of it, was a huge training facility, weights, sparring grounds and much more.

There were a bunch of door against one wall. Hope guessed one was probably The Masters room, and another was probably Greg's, but she couldn't begin to imagine what else lay hidden beyond.

"We're not sure what his name was, we've only seen him once or twice before," Matt answered, seeing Hope distracted. Really, she was a great warrior, and quite smart, but she could be distracted so easily when she wasn't fighting.

"Well, I suppose it's not important. It's not what I called you in for. Remember before you took out Greg, I had asked you to come to my office? Well, you two are my best warriors, despite your age. You have trained like no one else, and you will probably hit a wall that will stop you from excelling if you keep training out there. How would you like to train in here with Greg and myself?" The Master asked. 'Yes, that was one of the reasons,' he thought inwardly. 'That, and I'm worried about Hope's attitude. I need to keep an eye on her.'

"Yes, sir," Hope and Matt said in unison, bowing low.

"OK, that's the meditation area," He said, facing where the bonsai trees, cherry blossom trees and waterfall were located. "It is suppose to relax you before and after you train. That, over there," He said, turning towards the weights and sparring grounds, "It the training unit. And that," He said gesturing to the wall with the doors on it, "Is off limits, unless I give you special permission. "So, what all did you do on your ride?"

Hope suddenly remembered Night. "We saw Night! Er...Nighlet Sky," She stated.

"What is he doing back so soon?" The Master pondered.

"Ask him tomorrow. That's when he said he'd be here," Matt said bitterly.

"Did you happen to see anyone else with him?" The Master asked.

"No. We heard he was with the Death Dealers. Why couldn't we go with them?" Hope asked.

'There she goes, being disrespectful.' "They actually knew people in the Death Dealers. Family. All they had to do was tell their family they wished to work with them. You guys would have had more trouble," The Master answered anyway.

"Master, whom did they know?" Matt asked.

"For Skylight, it was his cousin. For Fatalism it was his uncle. For Foundry it was his mother. For Nighlet, it was a little," he paused, searching for the right word. "Different. He's the black sheep of his family. His Grandfather is like I am to the Storm Fighters. Everyone on both sides of his family are in the Death Dealers," The Master finished solemnly.

Both of them looked shocked. "Hey, you have a test, do you not Hope? You two should get to sleep," The Master said.

"I think Matt and I should be the door keepers tomorrow. Nighlet won't know the password, and we're the only ones who have seen him," Hope stated knowingly.

'Too prideful...'

Matt nodded.

"Very well. But all the same, you two should sleep. And you will make up that test Hopeful."

Matt and Hope bowed as they left the room.

"Hopeful. Please, learn some respect. I don't want to have to punish you," The Master sighed, heading towards the meditation area.

* * *

Matt kissed Hope.

"Mmm...Matt," She purred.

She kissed him back. She pushed him onto his bed, and laid on top of him.

"Matt," She whispered softly in his ear.

"Yo! Matt! Get off your lazy ass!" Matt's eyes snapped open.

"'Bout time. Come on, it's 6, time to get on door duty," Hope grinned, standing over him.

Matt groaned and threw his pillow at her.

Hope laughed. "I thought you were more of a morning person than that."

"Shut up. I was having a good dream," He mumbled, sitting up.

His hair was really messy, his eyes half open.

"Go take a shower. I'll be by the door. God, you look hideous in the morning," She said, leaving his dorm.

He threw his brush at the closing door.

She opened it and stuck her head in. "No need to get violent Matty," She grinned.

He threw his alarm clock at her, nailing her in the forehead.

"Ow! You're going to pay for that!" She threatened, leaving again.

He grinned.

Soon he was ready. He walked towards the stairway. The door to it was closed, to signal that the door men weren't on duty yet, and no one was to exit that door. They always needed to know who was in and who was out at all times.

"Is this the best she can do?" He chuckled. "Oh no, I need to open the door, so much extra word," He grinned, opening the door. Suddenly the grin disappeared as he realized why the door was closed.

A bucket of bright green paint fell onto his head. He took off the bucket, wiped his eyes, and stormed up the stairs.

Hope laughed evilly when she saw him.

"Hope, give me a hug," He grinned.

"Matt, NO!" She yelled as he started to advance.

"Come on. No hard feelings," The being said, he pounced, knocking her to the ground.

Then he rubbed his hand all over her face. When he got off of her, she had almost as much paint on her as he did. He hugged her from behind, covering her back with the bright green slime, too.

There was a knock on the door.

Hope opened the eye slit.

"Night?" She asked.

"Uh huh," He answered. Night stood outside, looking a little tired, and quite bored.

"What did we talk about yesterday?" She asked.

"We said how much we missed each other, then I started talking to Matttholomute who was carrying The Masters kid," Night answered. "Why?"

"Hope, excuse us," Matt said. He looked at Night, who was still wearing the cape. Hope left.

Soon he called her in again. Night was standing inside.

"What happened to you two?" Night said, looking at Hope, who was still covered in green paint. "Aw, they didn't start the paintball wars I requested without me, did they?"

Hope quickly explained, then she called someone up to take their place.

Rapture came up. He bowed down on one knee. "I've heard of your promotion," He looked up, catching sight of Night. "Nighlet Sky?" He bowed his head again.

"You may rise, Rapture Jowl," Hope smiled. She always wanted to say that. "Come on Night, The Master would like to speak with you."

She was about to take his wrist and lead him, but he backed up. "Uh...Maybe you should wash up first," He said. The paint was still wet.

Hope looked at Matt, and he smirked. Then, Hope hugged Night.

"Aw man! You are SO washing this!" Night said, pushing her away playfully.

The walked to The Masters 'office'. Matt knocked. The door opened, and the three of them walked in.

"Get cleaned up, then come back here to speak to me," The Master said, looking at them. He and Greg were sitting under the cherry three.

"Yessir," They all three said, bowing.

"Night, you can use Matt's shower," Hope said, when they left.

"Does he even have a shower?" Night asked, skeptical.

"Of course I do," Matt said.

"Then why don't you ever use it?" Night mocked. "Anyways, what's the kids name?"

"Greg," Hope answered.

"Why does he get a normal name? The Master named all of us, didn't he? Why didn't he give us somewhat NORMAL names?" Night grumbled.

"Uh..." Hope said, thinking.

"I'm serious. Who names there kid Hopeful Fight. Or Nighlet Sky. And Matttholomute has got to be the gayest name I've ever heard." Matt glared at him. "Then there is Rapture Jowl, and Skylight Fan. Fatalism Opus, Foundry Precede, Canary Song, Crying Bliss..." Night let his sentence linger.

"Watch, Greg's last name is probably Brown," Night grinned.

"Well, this is mu dorm, see you two later," Hope said, as they entered a hallway with doors lining both sides. She went into the second room on the left.

"Matttholomute Dreams," Night laughed.

"Nighlet," Matt snapped back.

Night stopped laughing. "Where's Sky?" Matt asked.

Night suddenly looked sad. "If The Master asks, with you around, you'll find out," He said, quietly.

They entered a room on the right.

Night took his shower first. It was quick, and he was out soon.

"Where did you get that?" Matt asked, seeing him. He had a long, thick scar, from his left shoulder to his rights side, it disappeared under the towel. Matt and Night may not have been the closest friends, but they had hung out a lot together because of Hope. He knew that Night never had a scar like that before, and it still looked a little fresh.

"Again, if The Master asks while you are in the room, then you will find out," Night said.

"Is that from a..." Matt looked at it hard, "a sword?"

Night nodded.

"Your clothes are in the washer. When they're done, put 'em in the dryer, will ya?" Matt asked, gesturing to a small washer and dryer on the sidewall of his bedroom.

Matt went into the bathroom, and soon he was out. "Clothes are done," Night said, taking the cloths out of the dryer.

The got dressed quickly. "Shouldn't you be wearing your cape?" Night asked.

The 10 strongest people had capes that they should wear nearly all the time. They didn't have to, but it was a sign of rank and power.

Matt took his cape out from the drawer, and put it on. "Better?" He growled.

"You mean you actually have one? I was trying to get you angry," Night grinned.

They stopped outside of Hope's dorm.

* * *

Hope wiped the blood from her lip, with the back of her hand. She held up her towel with her other hand.

She heard a knock on the door.

'Should I call out?' She asked herself. She thought for a second. That's about as long as her thought about it tho. 'No, I can handle this.'

She stood up. She was breathing hard. Was that from the effort she was putting in this, or from her anger. She didn't know. She didn't care.


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