For me ,I'll make a way

And now I am alone In my sacred place
But I can feel the winds cold fingers
So utterly alone yet the presence still lingers
It would have been forever
Us alone yet together
Unknown it could be better
But today I make a way
A passage through time
For those who live forever
Ill never pass this way again but I pray you don't forget me
Ill have no better friend
Hang on hold tight your memories of me
We'll last the night
I promise the world will see

These feelings are strange
these words like bullets to my brains
do I admit it let the world know
or hide from the shame
from my fears from
the eyes of my peers
do I stand tall let you all see
open up put it all out there
do I sit tight don't hide don't run don't fight
just bide till the time is right
til the world is ready
freedom truly means free
I should raise hell
Shout it from the mountain tops
Scream it in the cities
Face my fears and let the pain pass through me
Deal as it comes blow for hated blow
Balance my budget as if the world will continue
Do I save up or splurge
Stay or run free
Be the timid butter fly
Or the swarming killer believe
What I say for its all I hold true
There's a time and a place and a way
Do what you do
For me the time is always now
for me no better day
For me the world stands ready
for me ill make my a way