Heart's Fire: Chapter One - Escape

Night shadows had settled in over the compound, hiding whitewashed walls in darkness. Guards on watch, gluttons of lust and self-interest, blinked their piggish eyes in the faint light of the twin moons. The Sisters were perfectly removed mirrors, two halves of a whole that would never join. The superstitions surrounding this event, this thousand year occurrence, ran deep and glowering in the veins of the nobility, the middleclass, and the peasants.

Slaves didn't have the luxury.

The seventeen bells in the Calken Diadem rang out, pronouncing the thirteenth and darkest hour of the night. A shudder passed through a body in the darkened slave pens. Blue eyes burning feverously with anticipation and fear through the sleep that they were waking from caught the fragile light of the twin moons between the bars. It is time.

The figure stood, a rustling of chains in their wake. Cellmates tossed in slumber, though none awakened. It was normal for a fellow slave to arise at night to relieve themselves in the metal pot-There was no need for alarm.

Perhaps there should have been some alarm this time. Yet as trustworthy as the tides of Belion's five oceans, not a one stirred.

The shadowed slave slipped between bodies, pausing over one, than another. In their wake, two more shadows appeared. One of a child, the other of an adult. Silently they all made their way to the far end of the pen. The end laughingly referred to as 'The Pond' by the overseers. In reality, a body of water long gone putrid with the feces and urine of the cell's many inhabitants. A dumping place for many unpleasant things; in some instances even bodies. The leading shadow stopped at the edge.

Those that followed paused, seeking some sort of confirmation. The first, with a slight nod of their head, began to wade into the cesspit of humanity. Silently, and with little hesitation, the second shadows did the same.

A gasp, a quick intake of breath, was the only indication of the three. The constant buzzing of flies choked the small sounds of disturbed water, masking the slaves' escape.

At the bars hanging over the water, the leader dove under, surfacing on the opposite side. At their indication, the two following dove down as well. Together, they began to swim to the shore, visible now to the guards, if they chose to see. The ill omen of the Sisters averted unwelcome gazes, to the advantage of those escaping.

The three shadows melded into the night, joining the greater darkness. Now, their true race for freedom had begun.

. ; : ; . ; : ; . ; : ; . ; : ; .

The Sisters - The Twin Moons of Belion Calken Diadem - Place of religious worship; Dedicated to the five Gods and the twelve Servants Belion - World with five oceans; respectively Juar, Nas, Makarenta, Inilwa, and Fuala; and three major continents (And so the major kingdoms); Kaviin, Lasaff, and Naapar. The Pond - A garden pond that now serves as a sort of septic container for the slaves Slaves - born, sold, or captured and forced into service of their masters, slavery is only practiced on Lasaff. Naapar has turned a somewhat blind eye on the slave trading proceedings-Most of the population of slaves is a by-product of Naapar's war on Kaviin provinces.