Well, here it is. The End. I'm kind of sad that this is it but happy to have it done at the same time. In this chapter and the last chapter I kind of brought some things into it that aren't explained there just kind of there. That's because they are part of other stories from the past. Hopefully I will get those written up here real soon. Anyway. I really enjoyed everyone who gave feedback to me. It really motivated me. I'm going to miss you guys.


Slowly Elf walked through the ruble of Hacifuls castle looking over the destruction. Fox sniffed at shadows and played hide and seek with himself at the far end of the room. Elf watched him for a moment then turned her attention to the hole in the ceiling and stared at the night sky. A breeze kicked up behind her and blew her cattails and hair, ashes flew passed her face to land in the water at her feet turning it black.

"How dare you interfere with the present." An angry voice shouted behind her. Elf turned her head slightly to see Ydes, Spirit of War, on her huge dapple warhorse.

"Hello Ydes." Elf said turning back to look out the hole. Ydes swung off the horse and strode to Elf's side her sword slapping at her side.

"Tell me why you interfered with the present." She demanded.

"Because they needed my help." She said.

"That is not enough reason to interfere." Ydes shouted. She began to pace.

"With that one tiny move you have changed the course of everything."

"You mean I have changed the course of your war?" Elf asked. Ydes glared at her from white eyes.

"Yes you have changed the course of my war." She seethed. " And the course of the whole future."

"I haven't changed that much." Elf said. "Aven is satisfied with the number of deaths. No one lived that was supposed to die and no one died that should have lived. Everything turned out the same had I changed anything or not." Ydes narrowed her eyes.

"I think that you have Aven tied to your will." She said. Elf turned sharply.

"You know that isn't true." She said her anger echoing throughout the room causing Fox to look up and growl. "He is no more tied to my will then you." Fox stalked to them and slowly began to circle Ydes.

"Tell your pet to leave me be or I will be forced to hurt him." She said putting her hand on the hilt of her


"You would kill the Spirit of Spirits?" Elf asked sarcastically. "And you accuse me of changing the fate of the world." Ydes growled low and turned to stalk back to Acheron but before she mounted she turned back to Elf.

"I will have my war Elf." She shouted. "And nothing you do will stop that." And with that she jumped into the saddle and with a sharp command wheeled the horse about and disappeared in cloud of ash. Elf watched her go the turned to Fox.

"I fear, Fox." She whispered turning to look back out into the night." That she is right."