Summer Solitaire


no- icarus is
not beside you here
on this beach to blur your
peripheral vision

there are just the untalented
grains of sand making imprints
on your knees,
and would you complain? they
mean no harm-

and cause no strife-

instead you blame too-
pale skin for this lack of
his presence


"there is no one
no one to guide me through
the dregs of a sultry summer
and this clumsy sadness

oh he is not forgiven-
not for wasting unimportant hours
not for delivering unnecessary messages-
there is no one else to blame."


but you still stand like a fortress with
unwavering crags as the sun charmed
its way across the sky (blue, the blue of
a washed out jewish star, the blue of his
eyes perhaps when viewed at the right
angle) and you decide no, no you will not

there is no stopping the sun as it turns
even shadows into burns, staining the
previously blue sky. you think-

"what a tragedy that I should witness
this end and what a tragedy that there
should be no beginning to follow it!
he deserves better."

it is as icarus died-

it was sudden and he was gone and
there was no glory, and perhaps there
will never be enough glory,


all the same you
will never


dedicated to lindsay (rose of dresden).