Just a shadow in the shade

A day that wasn't a day
turned to a night that wasn't a night either.
Just shades of gray
splashed over a thinning spot of life
Some times it rained, but never rain
Only what should have been but is not ,or isn't any more
Only the feel of fresh cool air, but truly ,nothing changes
Maybe the tingling ,flesh crawl of coldness
in bones when eyes are closed to the world
but then they open and look out on that same grayness
that isn't life or death night or day
they wish they could cry and almost feel the tears ,warm on cold cheeks
some times the feeling comes without the action
or the action devoid of emotion and the feel just simple 'is'
and there's no way to stop the grayness
from steeling into bones too old to move
in graves too shallow to be graves
in night too light to be night and too dark to be day
in a life too washed to be life
in a world too thin to be real
just a shadow in the shade of something greater