My little brother wrote this for fathers' day. Read it - it's hilarious.


What is your dad's name? Lee
How old is he? 10 10 10 very too much 10's
how tall is he? Really tall
How much does he weigh? 90 pounds
What color is his hair? Black
What does he do around the house? Washes dishes
What is his favorite TV shoe? Football
What does he cook? Spaghetti
Where does he like to go? Restaurants
What is his favorite hobby? Playing with me
What is his favorite color? Green
What is his favorite animal? Cheetos
What does he like to wear? Shirts
What is his favorite song? Jingle Bells
When is your dad the happiest? When he rides his bike
What does your dad do at work? Computer stuff
What makes your dad mad? Flies and bumble bees
What is your dad's favorite drink? Pop
What would you buy him if you could? A big car
Why do you love your dad so much? Because, just because

Wow, the things little kids come up with. (:

This is truly a work of art.