My world is a cage,
A cage beyond which I cannot see,
Anything but tantalising glimpses through the bars,
Of what life is and how it could be.

Still living but trapped within a hell,
Through which run tarmac rivers, with metal monsters
That roar and pound upon it,
Spewing toxins to contaminate the air,
An entire planet under an evil spell.

Suffocating, but I cannot break free
Of the manacles that bind me to life
I cannot escape,
I cannot find freedom from life's cruel embrace.
Living isn't as sweet as it used to be.

All is a tomb that houses former years,
All is the darkness of death, but death never comes
To those who wish to embrace it.
No one can choose when to leave,
Oh gods take these tears!

Set me free.

A/N: I've separated the poem out into proper verses. Enjoy!
Blessed Be,
Andaren xxxx