Tap, tap, tap, goes my pen on the table,
The teachers glide like sharks among the desks.
The clock hand pauses at every second,
Putting my patience to the test.

On the tape player a screen declairs 5:15,
The wrong time, but I wished it couldn't be.
I could be at home, this could all be over,
I sigh and return to the paper in front of me.

"What are they asking?" Questions the tape,
"What do they want?" Why ask me?
I don't know the answers to these questions.
Oh gods! What if I make a mistake.

The tape speaks on in a foreign language,
And I find myself drifting to faraway shores.
If I lived in Spain I wouldn't have to do this paper,
Or agonise over the scores.

The tape falls silent, the room erupts with the sound,
Of people stretching, groaning.the occasional grin,
Of those who said the paper was easy.
Will I be smiling when the results come in?