I saw a soul's glow grow then go and get lost in the flow of time
Oh if hope floats this bloody rose knows that your just mine
No dont cry, our passion lacking action got adrift amidst a lie
Just below the snow I bestowed my trust in you not long ago and I...
know although nothing is perfect your affect made me high
I miss the first kiss that got lost in the mist, the lonely abyss of a clear night sky
I only wish my intuition placed my disposition in a different condition at the time
because the acquisition of ur lips juxtapositioned with mine got me submissioned with love on my mind
If it was so right then, then why when our passion was heighting did I get left behind
I heard that time healed all wounds and I assumed it to be true like I was true and kind
You were slowing pushing me away and today I wonder how I could have been so blind
Without you around, I've surrounded myself with everything i still care for and can find
The nights i drove her, yeh so it's over, I've moved on I'm a soldier, emotions I confine
maybe our paths will again never intertwine, just know i am as you are, just fine