It's an interesting feeling
Pulling open the shades
Leaning out the window
To watch the darkness fade

Woke up from a dream today
In which I dreamt I didn't dream
From which I hoped I'd never wake
I was a stick-figure with no fingers
A useless, wooden stub
No mouth to scream, no legs to run
Only lidless eyes
Watchful tree rooted down
Kept captive by nature
As the frost sinks in
And the leaves fall and decay

I thought I'd freeze to death
From cold splinters deep inside
Emitting tears with every breath
Natural as carbon-dioxide

Then comes the numbness sweeping in
To replace the pain
Sweet hypothermia, put me to rest
Unclench my bleeding fists
Like a soothing seaward wind
All arguments for struggle gone
I am sedated
Intoxicated with this sweet poison
The covers are so warm
I'm never coming out

Blurry shapes pass in slow-mo
I can barely see you, hear you
Background noise so irritating
Stop poking me, I want to sleep
Make it stop, please make it stop
Spinning, spinning...
Eyes so heavy...
So sick of seeing...
ust sleep...

But last night wasn't grey
Last night I saw some stars
It's been a long time now
Since I've breathed in and let it out
Since I took a look around
Since I started running
For no reason
And just kept going.
Haven't felt adrenaline pulsing through my veins
For so long
And it's an interesting feeling
Waking up

My only regret
Is that I couldn't bring you with me