By:Andrew Troy Keller

Have you ever had to go on an archeological dig and discover something that had thrown everything completely out of whack?

That was what had happened to Simon Langley,who had gone with his Cleveland State University classmates to a dig somewhere within the Arizona desert to help Professor Harrison Connery locate some evidence of an Aztec tribe possibly having settled their in the height of the Spanish Invasion into their homeland.

Even though he had thought of the whole idea as a big,fat joke,Simon had helped out as best as he had possibly could.

Then suddenly,after one of Simon's classmates,Sharon Lowe had accidently fallen into a covered-up pit,the others had ran to see if they could help her out of there--only to discover that she had fallen into one of the many chambers that the Aztecs had possibly lived in centuries ago.

One-by-one,the others had descended into the chamber to check on Sharon and check out the drawings on the cave walls.

But then,just as Simon was about to join the others in the chamber,he had suddenly noticed something moving slowly towards them.

And after he had gotten a flashlight out of his backpack and shined it's light on the mysterious object,he was horrificly shocked to discover that it was a bug that was the size of the state of Texas.

Of course,even though he had tried to warn them,it was too late,for they had already been eaten.