My relationship
With my best friend
Unfortunately had to
Come to an end
It was so difficult
To see her part
To another country
It broke my heart
I felt abandoned
Being so alone
It wasn't easy
Being on my own
I felt I had no friends
To help support me
My heart once filled with joy
Was now empty
Why did this happen?
Could it be fate?
If someone had planned this
It's someone I'd hate
I'm helpless
There's nothing I can do
Now that you've moved away
I can't even visit you
I had to face it
What's done had been done
There was no reverse
I was independent, one
I could not take this grief
So I'm getting a new start
Hoping a best friend
Will fill the hole in my heart
AN: Yes, this is true. I'm over it though, tell me what you think please=0)