This song is actually called 'Are you happy now'. I wrote it before
Michelle Branch released her song. The song is mainly screamed, except for
the chorus. Tell me what you think.
Are you happy now?
(That you've made me cry)
Are you happy now?
(That I'm dead inside)
Verse 1:
I didn't listen to anyone
When they told me that you're bad news
I didn't listen to anyone
When they explained that I'm being used
Now I wish I had, It may have saved me all this pain
Verse 2
I saw you with that girl,
And all you did was lie
I guess everybody was right
Now I fucking wish you'd die
Verse 3
All these years, I thought I knew you
I must have been blind, I was fucking used
How dare you use me and treat me like trash?
I trusted you, but you used me for cash.
Chorus x 3
I fucking hate you. I just fucking wish you would die.
Chorus x 4
Fade out