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"WHAT?! What do you mean, I can't come along? I helped you find her location, why can't I come along?!" Keitaro shot up from his laptop. His fiery red hair swept into his face as he had done so. His partner gave him a deathly glare.

"She's MY bounty. I recall having you come a long and help me last time, and you failed to help me nab him." Cobalt put on his jacket and hopped onto his hover cycle, and started the machine.

"So I forgot to block the staircase, so what? We nabbed him anyway!" Keitaro protested. He slipped into his boots and took off his goggles.

"Yes, we did get him, but we had to use the money to pay for the damages we caused! I said no, and that's final! Besides, I need you to watch the ship, get ready to leave when I say so. The sooner we collect our money, the sooner we get to earning some more money. I'll be back soon, so don't get too comfortable…." with that, Cobalt took off sending dirt and smoke into the air.

Okay, Keitaro said that she's at the Rumera's Pub. Hmm… I could get her drunk for a bit, then haul her in! Deciding upon this method was no problem, since getting his bounty drunk was one of Cobalt's many plans. Once he reached his destination, Cobalt scanned the pub to find the person that matched the picture Keitaro had printed for him. Something over in the corner caught the young boy's attention, it was a cloaked figure. Cobalt made out the form of a girl, and headed over to the table she was at.

"Hello. Mind if I share a table with you?" He casually ran his hand through his braid and sat down.

The figure shook its head and took a sip of cider.

"So, who are you, and what brings you here to Rumera's Pub?" Cobalt asked casually.

"My name is Kao, and I was just passing by. Why are you here?" Kao asked him. Cobalt looked shocked. Hopefully, she won't know I'm a bounty hunter… Just to play it safe, I'd better seem friendly.

"I'm meeting someone. Oh, and my name is erm, Jeremy." Cobalt lied. Kao eyed him and took another sip of cider. She put money on the table and got up.

"Going so soon?" Cobalt grabbed her arm. The girl nodded.

"I need to be going so I can get home on time." She looked at his firm grip on her wrist.

"Well, it's a shame you won't be getting there any time soon." He put handcuffs onto her wrists and also stood up, "I'm actually Cobalt Kituse, and you're coming with me." Kao's jaw fell to the ground, as he led her out the front door. But they didn't get far, a gruff man stood in the way of his cycle.

"Just where do ya think yer' going with my bounty?" He took Cobalt by the collar, and shook him roughly.

"Your bounty?! Pardon me, but I seem to be the one that nabbed her, so she's MINE!" Cobalt kicked the man in his shin and looked for the girl, who seemed to have vanished.

"Thanks for the ride, hon!" Kao was on his cycle and it had appeared she had gotten loose of the handcuffs.

"HEY! WAIT A MINUTE! GIVE ME BACK MY CYCLE!!" Cobalt chased after her, but was blinded by the dirt flung into his eyes. She blew a kiss and rode off into the desert.

"Damn! Is that girl gonna get it, when I get a hold of her…" He muttered, and headed back into the pub.

Cobalt headed straight for the pay phone and dialed the number of his ship, the INU LX, and waited until Keitaro answered.

"Hello, hello! You've reached the INU LX! Whom may I ask is calling?" Keitaro's voice rang out like a jackhammer in the middle of the night. Cobalt pulled the phone 6 inches away from his left ear.

"Damn it all, Kei! I've lost her, and she ran off with my cycle! Come and pick me up! I'm at Rumera's Pub, got that? I'll give you an hour, and if you don't get my by then, I'll kick your ass out of my ship for good! I don't want a repeat of last time when I asked you to pick me up!" Cobalt said sternly into the phone and waited for a reply.

"Rumera's Pub? Okay, got it, boss! Be there in time for din din! Later!" Cobalt hung up and sat down at the nearest table. He banged his head onto the table top and moaned.

"Damn it, she's gonna pay for this…"


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