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"Hey, Cobalt!" A voice shouted into his ear and woke him up.

"God, damn it!" Cobalt got up from his chair and covered his ears, massaging them. "Keitaro, what was that for?"

"You fell asleep, and I had to wake you. Oh, by the way, I'm here to pick you up, just like you asked." Keitaro looked around. "So, where's the bounty?" Cobalt groaned.

"Damn it, Keitaro. She got away." Cobalt got up and walked outside onto the INU LX, while Keitaro followed him.

"Aww.. Too bad.. Maybe next time, I can come with you so the bounty won't get away!" Keitaro smiled and childish grin and Cobalt ignored him. "What a shame… Nine hundred million mays* is a lot of money… I hope no one catches her before we do."

"Nine hundred million…Hey, Keitaro, why was that bounty placed on her anyway?" Cobalt got into the cockpit and drove the ship out of the Earth's atmosphere.

"Hmm… Let me check." Keitaro put on an anatomic plasma screen visor** and his anatomic manual uplink gloves***. The visor glowed and Keitaro moved his fingers as if he was typing on a keyboard.

"Accessing the U.G.P.D. website database…Okay! Got it! It seems that the bounty was placed by one of the government officials…"

"Can you find out why?"

"I'm already working on it! Okay… The money was placed because of a thievery that Kao did upon him."

"Does it say what exactly did she steal?"

"No. All it says is 'Kao Tesuya is wanted for theft from Government Official Keisuke Yu.'"

"Odd. Well, Kao said that she was going home. Can you get the address for me?"

"She lives in a small colony called 'Seton' on Mars. Other than that, I can't find a more accurate address…"

"Mars it is, then." Cobalt got up from his chair and set the INU LX's controls onto autopilot for Mars.


"My cycle!" Cobalt ran over to a very beaten up hover cycle sitting on the front steps of a run down apartment complex. He dusted the dirt off from the controls, and saw his keys still in the key slot. He rubbed the small, leather key chain and letters appeared from the dirt. Cobalt Kituse. "Damn that sneaky bitch…Leaving my cycle out here like scrap… I'm gonna kill her! I don't care if they want her back alive! I'll strangle the life outta her!"

"Hey, Cobalt, if it's not too much trouble, can we start looking for her already? I'm getting hungry." Keitaro rubbed his stomach and poked Cobalt in the arm.

"I told you! We'll get lunch once we get her on the ship!"

Keitaro whimpered and made a sad face at Cobalt, much like a little child would do. "But I'm hungry now!" he whined.

"Keitaro, for Christ's sake! Act your age! You're 15, god damn it, not five!"

"But oniisan…"

"Keitaro, I told you not to call me that! Now shut up and get moving!" Cobalt kicked him in the rear and Keitaro flew six feet into the complex's lobby.

"Oniisan, that hurt!" Keitaro got up, rubbing his butt. Cobalt ignored him and went to the directory that was posted onto one of the walls.

"Hmm. Odd. The directory's not in a digital form.. This apartment building must be old…" Cobalt traced a finger over the grooved of the engraved letters in the plastic board of the directory. "A hundred years, at least…" A soft rustling came from behind him. No, it wasn't Keitaro. It was someone else.

"Actually… This building is 179 years old."

Cobalt and Keitaro turned around to meet a young woman, about the age of 20. She had wavy, short, blue hair, and glimmering green eyes. "May I help you, gentlemen?"


Yay! Done with chappy two! As promised, here's a bio.

Name: Cobalt Kituse

Date of Birth: March 7, 2049

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Place of Origin: Tomah City, Venus

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 178 lbs. [Why do you people care how much he weighs?]

Hair: Dark gray, tied into a small braid at the base of his neck.

Eyes: Also gray

Likes: Guns, Hover cycles, racing, sports, okonomiyaki, free stuff, money, and kittens. [aww..]

Dislikes: Sneaky women, disrespect to his property, Keitaro's nickname for him, and paying for stuff.

Famous Quote: "Stop calling me 'oniisan', damn it!" or "Damn {insert name here}!"


*Mays- term for money used in this fic. One 'may' is equal to $10.00 American.

**Anatomic Plasma Screen Visor (APSV)- Sort of a Virtual Reality visor that allows the user to go onto the internet without having all the heavy equipment. A CPU is built into the visor, along with a satellite uplink to the internet and speakers. Light, portable, easy to use. Printer, scanner, other accessories are not included with the APSV. The 'computer screen' is actually the inside of the visor, making it easier to see. Semi-transparent, the user can also walk around without running into walls. This APSV is the version 2 model. Before APSV v.2 came out, many people were prone to accidents caused by the solidness of the screen.

*** Anatomic Manual Uplink Gloves (AMUG)- For use with the APSV system, this allows the user to type desired information onto the website he/she is viewing. Movement of the fingers is calculated by a light-weight device that is sewn into the wrist of the gloves. Wires from this device are branched out and connect to a movement sensor on each finger. The sensors send the data through the wires and into the calculating device, which is linked to the ASPV through a cord. The cord transfers and decrypts the data into a letter or character onto the APSV screen. Simple movement, using only the wrist, is calculated as movement like what one would use to move a mouse.