Wandering down a forsaken, gloomy road
That leads to nowhere-
And no one
A sunset's silhouette
Upon the rainy lane
A fog of cloudy tears
Misting my ashen face
As I shuffle on and on...

A dismal shower pouring down
The doleful drops
As they're sinking-
Tell a story
Their murky words
Saline poems of my regret
Deceptive windows to my sodden soul
Leaking through my tattered black umbrella
Slipping down my unshielded cheeks
Sleeping in my frozen collar
Stinging through my flesh
Dripping daggers in my neck
What a useless sentinel it is.

My deadened footsteps
Echo in the wind
Clumsy midnight leather shoes
Sloshing through the drizzly soil
Puddles of soggy muck
Tiny swamps of pain
Plundering my helpless feet
Oh, my tattered black umbrella
Why won't you protect me?
Oh wait, you're broken...

Empty slices in your raven face
Gashed by unknown swords
Doused in pails
Of inky witching hour's tar
My pretty white umbrella
An angel's feathered shield
Amour from the raging battle
Now a lifeless drooping skeleton
Through which the grief is free to fall
Down my water streaked visage
A fountain of screaming droplets.

So my tattered black umbrella
If you won't be my savior
And guard me from the dark
The crimson storms of hate
Then I won't need you anymore...
And I'll cast you in the closet
That shadowed cell of disregard
I guess this is goodbye...

My once faithful, sweet cover
From all that was bad
Now you are ruined...
I'll have to face the dusky clouds on my own
I have no longer have a use for you,
My tattered black umbrella.