She was over him. She was sure now. It wasn't love. It was never love. It was an - infatuation - her romantic heart and her raging hormones conspiring against her. Yes, that was it, and now she had made peace with them and the feeling was gone. Just like she knew it would. She was always confident it would. However, she did miss the feeling somewhat, the endless "burning passion," but she decided it was for the best. Now she could concentrate on the things that mattered most - her and her future. No more endless dreamings at night, no more lines and lines of so-called "poetry," no more hiding of flushed cheeks and tiny smirks that threatened to take over her face - basically no more pointless pining. Yes, days of intense emotion leading her to nowhere were finally over.

Thank God.

She looked out the window, in a position that also enabled to her to see the front door clearly. Outside the sun was on vacation it seemed, as it was clearly absent from the sky. However, it wasn't a so-called "bad day;" the weather still felt pleasant and it wasn't raining - there was just gray sky and clouds. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, the sky which a minute ago was a sort of grayish, light silvery color was now a bright, vibrant hue of blue. The elephant-colored, stagnant clouds parted and turned cotton-ball puffy white as the sun royally emerged, beaming warm, radiant light into world. To her surprise, her face brightened and some unexplained phenomena that science has yet to research, threatened to contort her mouth into some kind of love-sick grin. He was there.

Seeing him certainly caught her by surprise; she thought he had left for college already. But what really surprised her was that somehow, without her knowing it, her romantic heart and raging hormones had somehow conspired against her yet again. Or maybe they hadn't stopped conspiring at all - they had just tricked her brain. But no matter, he was there and so was she. But now she was acting silly; she was over him completely - right? Yes, of course! She decided she was thirsty and decided to go get something to drink in the kitchen - the room he had just happened to walk into. Of course she saw him, there weren't that many people there yet and it wasn't a fairly large room. She walked in slowly, trying to act if everything was normal. She gave him a shy smile and greeted him, unable to make eye contact. Presently her "Hey! What's up?" progressed into a short light banter about how he was, if was excited about going to college and wasn't he supposed to be there already? He was good. He couldn't wait to get to the university. And yes, he was supposed to be there - but he decided to delay his departure for about a week or two. And how was she? Again, she was taken by surprise - he never seemed to care about her - though she was flattered he should ask her how she was. She was alright. Nope, nothing new with her. Excited about school? Kinda - heard that Junior year was the hardest of them all, though with the new uniforms it would be nice not being mistaken for a froshie. You know, that kind of unimportant polite talk.

As she gradually gathered up the courage to look into his beautiful brown eyes, she couldn't help but notice how nice he looked when he smiled.