The clouds were back again that night as she lay in her bed, not quite dark like rain clouds but they were definitely moving this time, mixing and meshing with each other, crashing into each other and then becoming one moving mound of cloud, before separating again. She couldn't sleep. She couldn't understand. Why couldn't she get him out of her head? No, it wasn't the obvious answer. It couldn't be. There had to be a real reason why he was still stuck in her mind. Though it wasn't like anything had happened really. He wasn't the center of attention for anything that night, and it wasn't like they had any thought-provoking, humorous, or memorable conversations that night - just that short exchange in the kitchen when she went to get a soda. So why was still thinking about him? She turned to lie on her back with a sigh and stared at blank ceiling above her. She remembered everything - not just what they had talked about but how he looked, an open green button-down shirt worn over a white t-shirt, and those dark blue jeans that flattered him so well. His hair was perfect, dark with the back slightly sticking up. And his eyes - his beautiful, sparkling, brown, sincere, thoughtful eyes, serene with maturity tempered only by the boyish smirk he was always wore - shone with unspeakable beauty. Her mouth spread wide into a grin, her heart swaying with emotion as she recalled every detail of him that night. No! What was she doing?! Was she crazy?! Her brain was buzzing with warnings, reminding her of how she used to be, when she let her heart and hormones take over. She couldn't let that happen again. Not when she had gotten this far - to stop thinking of him everyday, to focus on the things that really mattered, to leave her dream world behind and finally be truly present in this, the real world. She couldn't let that slip away because of some passing feeling. And yet - a part of her wanted to anyway, even though she knew that the feeling would never be returned. She rolled to her side and sighed once again. What was this she was feeling? And how could this one feeling - or one person for that matter - lead to so many other emotions?