One Day all that was known to us will die

Taken back to the depths from whence it came

And we will all feel the pain and lie,

To ourselves saying we were the ones to blame,

For their disappearance.

The grief will go but the guilt will remain

Entwining its grasping tendrils to all.

Then what will happen to our domain?

Our reign as Gods upon this land?

Everything shall go, back to whence it came

Leaving us in a deep mire of sorrow

From which we cannot escape.

And so we leave,

Our entrails bake upon the heated stone

That marks our end, a new beginning.

One that we must effortlessly strive to maintain,

Above the rising water's rage.

Though hard we must swim we must not our bodies strain.

Least our corporal carcass float amongst remains,

That have lied there in all shame.

Shame you ask? Why lie in shame?

Have they not been perfect?

Have they not been saved?

The kindred of the dead, soulless mage

That lies before you in all agony and pain.

They have forsaken this vessel

Made to rest in a crossroads and frolic with the elementals.

That is why I implore to thine own spirit

Thine own conscious, thine own saviour.

One day all that was known to us will perish

Taken back to the depths from which it came.

Bringing upon our own death and destruction,

Leaving us to blame

For all our transgressions

And there we shall remain.

Like the burnt out match lying upon the window sill

There it stands testimonial to our ever-present ill.

A.N: hey hey here's another poem! (finally) I wrote it in different parts

so some of it is mismatched, I don't know where but it sounds pretty good

doesn't it? Yay hope it does!