Thoughts on why I am not Catholic
* brought to you by the makers of migraine*

I had a word with a bishop of the church last night
He glared through the mesh of the confession booth and asked
'Why sister, do you feel you've been betrayed?' and I laugh
Harsh and bitter and told of my lonely days
Of years dragging myself from the muck
Of long cold night huddled alone in the dirt
And now ,once I ve finally reached the top
they throw that old phrase at me
and wonder why I curse and fuss

If god is good ? then why is there still hunger
If he loves us then why must children suffer
'You know the worst thing, About being catholic' I say
'Is apologizing for living from birth until decay'
If he gave me life then why must I beg to keep it?
If I am based on him, then why do I sin ?
If he controls my thoughts, then he can stop what I am thinking
If he is every where. where was he when I dying ?
If he is love ,then he loves poor children crying

' Iam a Buddhist now' I smile as he scoffs
he's grown fat on power and loves to discipline
'is that what you want in life ? Iconoclast'
he spat the word in anger and glared as I shrugged his ignorance away
'that's not my practice' I smile 'no we're way better'
'don't hate what you fear seek understanding dear bishop
he hits the wall fat fist reverberating and I grin once more
"Jesus loves you !" he says regaining composure 'He died for your sins'
'I love me too and that was his choice I wasn't there.
Maybe in past lives but I am new and I've finally found my path'
If he is truly love ,then he'd understand

'Don't get me wrong now ,Jesus was a great man,
so was Vishnu Muhammad Siddhartha
and all the holy men
they made a cause who cares the religion
all had peace in mind
And for me that's through Kosen Rufu
World peace is a great thought
But who now will think to lead it
Earth Charter is a plan
but there are those who will delete it
If you seek peace then look inside your own heart first