Abandoned by faith
also brought to you by the makers of migraine

I turned and you were gone
The warmth of faith
The light of heaven
All vanished with out a trace
So I plod on
Sinking knee deep with each step
Drowning , screaming thrashing
I didn't loose faith , it abandoned me

My trust my love
my naive little life
all wrapped in candy coated lies
it was nice when I wore the dresses
sang the hymn
read tales from one story book
but with age comes reality
my world opened up and there were other tales added
and those dressed would fit no more
questions unanswered answers negate
lies shine bright
I was abandoned by faith

Eleven years ,
and eight more to boot
I have learned to conquer
And opened book after book
All the stories , some people held true
and slaved life after life to the letter
I laugh and pity those poor lost souls
As if prince Charming lives and carpets fly
And there's an answer for every why
Well now 'oh yee of little faith!' they proclaim
From bishops booth and pastors chair
And sigh as I explain my fate
I did not wander but was left behind
I was abandoned by faith
Only my foot prints are behind in the sand
only my tears make oceans to drown me
only my choices keep me alive