"What did I do to you to deserve this?" She tore away as fast as she could from the scene. Her 'friend' had her tongue down her boyfriend's throat as he pushed hard into a wall, his hands slipping in between her legs and up her skirt.

It still hurt. She had known something was going on with Brian and Melissa for a while now but she wasn't expecting something like that. Brian had become very distant over the last month, which was the sign that something was amiss. They'd probably had sex several times by the way he had her.

Out of the school grounds she ran. Anywhere, it didn't matter as long as she could get away from that heart wrenching scene that still played itself over and over again in her mind. A river of tears and black eyeliner streaked her now colorless cheeks. Her eyes were bloodshot and puffy from the tears and her breath was sharp and short.

Finally she couldn't breath all together, she was hyperventilating. She stopped just under some weird tree, collapsing at the base of the shady shaggy tree. She tried so hard to control her breathing that she didn't notice the young woman approaching her. Her mind didn't register the lady's presence until she was sitting down before her. It was then that she looked up.

The woman had on a long sleeved white silk dress reaching down to her ankles, a wild mane of golden sunlight was her hair, deep blue eyes that held concern. She looked so fragile and thin that she would snap if she were to be touched.

The young woman laid a slender hand on the girl's head, stroking her sweaty brown autumn hair. "Shush child, I am here to help you." Her voice was like honey, so reassuring that the girl felt a need to tell the young woman everything. Her eyes looked older than her body did. Her body looked maybe early twenties but her eyes looked like they'd seen so much. They reassured so that her tears had turned into sniffles.

"What could have happened to have brought you to tears my child?" Concern played across her features. She was the first to show any human affection towards this hurting girl. She was also the only one she had encountered.

Slowly she sucked in a shaky needed breath before she started. "I.....I saw my boy......boyfriend...... trying ......." she couldn't finish it. It wasn't going to come out no matter how hard she tried.

The woman seemed to get the gist of it. Her eyes were remorse stricken as she drew the young girl up into her arms. Slowly she rocked her and hummed a slow reassuring song, rubbing her back to sooth her.

"I know what it feels like," she started as she pulled the girl away from her. "My lover left me for another and strung me along."

"Yes, that's what he did." The girl nodded as she hung onto every word the woman spoke. "That bastard, I want to get back at him for it." The words hurt her but they were the truth.

The woman shook her head. This girl was saying exactly what she hoped she wouldn't say. Now she had to do her duty.

"Child, would you do it if you had the power?" Her eyes were so sad yet her face was so blank. The girl was slightly scared.

"Yea, I guess," her words were hesitant, unsure of what this was going to lead to.

The woman let a silent tear fall down her flawless cheeks before wiping it away. Duty was duty; she knew she couldn't save the girl that had called her here.

"Then, my dear, you shall have your wish."


"Don't you think we should look for her?" Melissa asked her lover as they curled up next to each other there during lunch, surrounded by their friends. They sat on the cement against a pillar holding up the covering that covered some of the sun's burning rays.

"Na, she'll just be crying in a corner probably at home or at that place.....ummm," he was kissing her neck in between each word. She was squirming against him, wishing the day was at an end so they could have sex.

They didn't see a dark figure in the corner watching them. She flexed her fingers as the rage began to build up inside her. The power was hers to use and she'd make sure they never forgot their treason against her old self.

She slipped out from her hiding spot, the sun bathing her black cloak that covered her. She was a good 20 yards from them, enough to spook them before she began her real fun. Her fingers itched and tingled at the thought of using the power.

All of a sudden, one of the vending machines lining the wall farther down made a tremendous *bang*. They all looked up just in time to see the dented vending machine take to the air and sail into the windows of the building across from where it once lay. Then the bang came again and the second one fallowed the first. An invisible force was punching the machines then letting them fly before moving on. The third followed and finally the forth. All eyes were on the cloaked girl with her hood drawn up as her hands lay open at her side, urging the force to go on.

To everyone's horror, the tree that stood in the dirt was ripped up violently and heaved up onto the roof of the building it was next to. No one could move, all were frozen in their spots. Then the second pillar strait ahead of the two traitors shook. Then the sound a fist made when it pierced a plaster wall came again and the pillar fell. It was nothing more than powder and a few large chunks of plaster and cement.

Still no one could move.

One, two, three, their friends went flying into anything that was close. A few hit the jagged brick walls of the building, some hit the cement a distance away. Each one was ripped from their spot and thrown out of the way.

Brian and Melissa finally came to their senses and tried to get up. They couldn't move. The hooded figure strode forward, head bowed and arms at her side, palms closed. She stood a few feet away from the two. She wanted to instill more fear than they already had.

"Leave us alone, we'll do whatever you want." Brian's feeble cry echoed but no one listened. No one seemed to be aware of the unconscious bodies of their friends, the broken vending machines, the glass, the powder of the once strong pillar. Not one person noticed. They couldn't even if they stared right at these things, the magic made it seem like a normal day.

"Please let us go, we didn't mean to do whatever we did that made you angry," Melissa now had tears in her eyes and ruining her perfect make-up.

Black storm clouds appeared out of thin air, joining with each other to blanket the once bright sun and the vivid blue sky in a haze of black. Thunder rumbled from them, lightning whips hit the ground around them. The sky was speaking her emotions for her. Their eyes lit up with more fear, they knew they weren't going to escape.

"You could not comprehend what you put me through!" She shouted as more thunder roared and lightning ripped at the blanket. Her head flew back to greet the sky. Her hands opened up to the sky, calling forth the rain she wanted. Her hood fell away, leaving her dark autumn brown hair bare to tumble down onto her shoulders.

The rain started out slow, then it grew rather quickly into a furious storm. Rain hit Brian's and Melissa's tender skin, causing it to redden but not bruise quite yet. Their clothes became drenched in seconds, clinging to them like a second skin.

"Look onto the face of Death herself," She lowered her dry head down to let them stare. Shock replaced the fear as they recognized her.

"Sara?" they said it in unison, making her laugh. It was bitter and evil as it echoed off the very air they breathed. It shook their bones and souls to the core, knowing that they had made this monster.

"No, your precious and valueless Sara is dead. I am a ruthless Sara, here to take revenge." She stared them down, fear was instilled once more as they trembled before her might and power.

"What happened to you?" Melissa asked as she looked her over, still not believing this was the same girl she knew only an hour maybe ago. Despite the incredible amount of rain, she was dressed in a dry black cloak, a black tunic, leggings and boots instead of a tee-shirt, jeans and sneakers that she usually wore.

"I changed. What's it matter to you? I'm now a powerful sorceress, a demon with a human body. Why bother telling you the story? It'll only delay your inevitable deaths." An evil smile tugged at Sara's thin lips as her eyes left Melissa's cobalt eyes and fixed on Brian's watery blue eyes.

"I'm going to be considerably merciful to you two. I'd prefer to take a lifetime of torturing you but I only have so little time before I must appear before the Council. Be thankful that they're saving you from a horrible and torturous death." The rain ceased to fall now, but the ground was still wet and slippery. She let the power keeping them on the ground go and they stood up instantly. They turned around and started to run.

Before their eyes, Brian was lifted off the ground and thrown violently into the building to his left. He slid down, blood trickling down the back of his head and mixed with the mud from the fracture he just received. Melissa screamed as she rushed over to his side, screaming the whole time as she pulled his head against herself. Blood began to seep onto her blouse and stain both her bra and her blouse a crimson color. He was still awake, not by much though. He was sprouting a large headache in the back of his head and Melissa's screaming wasn't helping.

"I have the power to do whatever I want. You can't run from me." She appeared before them, making them jump with the nearness of her voice. She bent down close to them. "Which one of you wants to watch the other die before they meet the same fate?"


"Fine, I get to pick then. Brian, stand up." He stood up, despite how Melissa clung to him to keep him from standing. He wasn't standing on his own accord, but part of him was. He wanted to make it stop, though he wasn't sure how.

He stopped just a foot away from her, he showed no fear by looking her dead on in the eyes. "Oh, how pathetic. You're going to die like a hero: facing the villain and show no fear. How sickening." Her hand shot out all he felt was a hard punch in the chest.

Something was wrong, he didn't fall down, and he felt this tingling feeling in his heart. Sara was bouncing something in her hand. Melissa was screaming again but he couldn't really hear it. His head was slowly fogging up. Then he looked at what Melissa was screaming about in Sara's hand. He felt his insides clench.

His heart was in her bloody hand.

Suddenly it spontaneously exploded into flames. This was his last image that he would ever see. The color died from his eyes, the life leaving his body in the pool of blood at his feet. His useless body fell to a heap on the ground.

Melissa crawled over to his broken and dead form, tears would've fallen if she had any more. She was muddy, bloody, make-up dripped from her skin. She rested her head just above the open area where his heart once was. Weak and sick she got up onto her unsteady legs.

"I would admire you Melissa. Your lover ripped from your grasp, your hallow inside, death is all around you, you just witnessed a very horrific sight that hasn't been attempted in a very long time, yet you haven't heaved nor have you just lay down and died. You stand to face me.

"But then I remember what you did to me. The way you two were making out there in front of me as if I wasn't there. The way you didn't tell me everything, the way you took Brian from me. How every time I did something great you'd yell at me to quit bragging yet when you did and I'd say the same thing, you'd yell at me more. Isn't payback such a bitch?" She reached forward and twisted her fingers around her heart. Pulling, it popped out and exploded along with Brian's which hadn't finished burning.

"I let you two off easy, remember that." Melissa dropped beside her lover, dead. Both now had flushed out their systems and left a rather nasty mess in their clothes. They were dead yet their hearts still burned.

Sara dropped the flaming hearts onto the ground. "Ironic," was all she said as she turned to leave. As she walked by the pillar she had left alone, she noticed a cd player playing. Bending down to pickup the discarded item, she put the headphones to her ear. Mudvayne's "Not Falling" was finishing up.

She laughed as she raided their bags for their batteries, cds and a descent set of headphones. "Irony, pure irony," was all she said as she put the headphones in place and drew her hood up.


"So I was telling Brad what Jean was saying about Jen, who happened to like Jon which is another story..... Oh my gawds." A cheerleader noticed blood running down the cement as she talked to her friend on the cell phone in her hands. She turned the corner and saw a ghastly sight.

Two bodies lay next to each other, both hearts were ripped out. Though the grounds of the school were all dry, the ground was saturated in blood, water and mud. As she came closer, she noticed the hearts were by their owner's heads, the last of it still burning as though it was a recent kill.

After vomiting profusely on her phone and herself from the intoxicating smell and the horrific sight, she ran to get help.

Sara laughed hysterically as she watched from a distance. Her form disappeared as she felt the Council calling. She was going to have fun over the span of time with this job. Eternity was a very long time to brush up on some of those forgotten torture methods time forgot.

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