With the Council off her back, Sara breathed in the polluted air of her home city. The Council was intimidated by her blood lust and power crazed side but had let her lose to make people pay. But there was a catch to it, she had to answer the calls of those who have been wronged or scorned.

Sara didn't mind. If it meant she was gonna get to kill more people than why would she mind? Other than having to listen to whiners and preppy there wasn't anything else she was going to hate about the job.

It was night, a circus was in town and her unusual clothing went unnoticed by all. People ran rampant throughout the place, making it hard to find prey. But if there was a crowd then there would be someone who would be burned or scorned in that crowd.

And she was right.

Sara could hear a woman cry, pleading silently for someone to help her. She listened harder, tuning out the sounds of the hustle around her. A human growl then ripping of buttons off of a shirt followed. Sara drew her hood up closer to her face, knowing she was going to appear in the shadows of the people. With that and a drop of magic she was there.

Before Sara's eyes lay a scene of rape in the early stages. The woman was backed against the wall, blouse ripped open and her skin bruised with slaps and cuts, her eyes held the fear and shame, making Sara wonder what was so bad about it. But then Sara remembered she had given up her humanity and understanding for the creatures when she had become what she is now. Of course she wouldn't understand.

"Do you wish me to take care of him?" her clear voice called to the woman, making the beefy man stop dead in his tracks. He slowly turned around, his zipper opened slightly. The only thing that kept the man from running was the piercing gaze of icy green. The woman looked at Sara with fear also but her mind spoke to her.

"Please," was all she needed.

Sara waved her hand and the lady's blouse was repaired and the injuries vanished. The man stared watching Sara work her magic. Suddenly he was lifted and propelled into the wall behind him. It stunned him long enough for Sara to speak.

"Go, for I shall take your revenge for you. Run as fast as you can away from here and pass the first set of policemen you meet and head for the second group. Tell them to come here. Now go!" Sara needed to say no more, the woman was off like a rocket. Sara turned just in time to get a pipe in the face. Airborne she was until she met with the trash bin. The man charged at her again with the pipe, not seeing that she was neither hurt nor injured. Her eyes glistened unnaturally and he was frozen in time, literally.

She rose to her feet, brushing away the dirt on her clothing as the rapist stared with fear in his eyes. "Twasn't a very smart thing to do. Did you really think such a small thing could do me any damage?" she hissed at him, walking around his frozen figure. Ripping the pipe out of his hands she swung it effortlessly into his nose. Her magic let him go then. He howled in pain as he cupped his broken nose and backed away.

"I can't take long doing this ya know. Get your fat ass back here," she pointed to the ground before her and he obliged hunched over and still nursing his wound. "That's better," she said before her foot kicked swiftly up catching the man's jaw and snapping his head back. He staggered back trying to get control before another kick landed him flat on his back. She stared down at him with her head cocked.

"Can't take my time can I?" he shook his head. "Right so you know what?" He shook his head again. "I'm going to make this quick so I can get back to what I was doing before. You've taken way too much of my time up. Good bye. Tell Satan I said hey." She kicked his temples, snapping his neck as it twisted around. Sara snorted before taking her boots and stepping on his neck ripping the flesh on the side and spraying the area in his blood and a little bit of his windpipe that flew out with the blood compressed inside his neck. Thundering footsteps came running towards where Sara stood.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Here officers," the young woman said breathlessly as she pointed down the alley. She had done everything the strange girl had told her to do. Now she wasn't going to go down that alley because somewhere deep in her gut it told her not to. The policemen that had followed her went down the alley. A string of curse words came from down there along with the sound of heaving.

Before their eyes was a man's body who's neck was snapped, face beat in, windpipe smashed in with the blood splattering all over the place and a signature mark of the killer of two days ago. The heart was ripped out and still burning next to the man's disfigured head. Then when they turned to look at the blood spatter something caught their eyes on the tall wall.

The once blank wall looked like it was being cut open with an invisible scalpel, red blood dripping into words. Each letter carved into the metal bleeding and running but making the message quite clear.

'Hell hath no fury of a woman scorned. The rule of both Earth and Hell. The hound now has the power of Hell. I am a Hellhound who brings death to those who scorn, burn or abuse others. I am coming for those who also have hurt me. You are all dead. You just don't know it.'

An evil laughter broke the silence ringing loud and pure evil. The cops turned around to look at the roof of the building behind them. A dark cloaked figure stood there laughing like the Devil possessed her. "Death as come," she said before wrapping herself in the cloak completely and vanishing into thin air.

One of the officers turned to the other and said, "it's gonna suck being a bad guy." The other nodded before saying, "No shit."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter two ends. Guess what movie I had been watching. The Crow one of the single best movies out there. The guy who played Eric Draven was hot in that movie! Well I borrowed a few things which I don't own. Go ahead and laugh I don't care.