Just another reason why I shop alone

'Why don't you get this one'
it was ugly and suggested years rotting in the back of my closet
'nah this one's fine'
'why only red and black that looks so tacky!'
anger....nice. From a woman in green and orange
all the colors of puke and more
I sigh tossing the shirt in the buggy and rolling on
One squeaky wheel protesting the whole way

This is why I shop alone
In dark boutiques and shabby gothic shops
'is it because it matches your hair?
I never liked that any way'
My eyes roll like dark marbles
She continues the tirade to the counter
'How much is all this do you have enough ?'

"Listen I didn't want you to come
and I sure as hell wont protest you leaving'
my mind screams out insults to taste and partiality
but my lips stay sealed only changed by a light twitch
reflected in my eyes. '159.97' gasps and complaints
'How are you going to pay for this'
the nagging continues and I block it away
just another reason why I shop alone