"Am I bad?"

She asks of herself in front of the mirror. She's searching the face reflected there. She just can't really see it; not what she needs to and what must be there. But she knows there just has to be something, somewhere. That something that makes her THIS way: makes them react this way to her. But she can't see it. She just can't see it.

"Maybe that's the curse of being evil?"

She's staring again into the shinny surface, but not at the reflection, she's looking past it. Questioning if she is, in fact, evil and if that's why she can't see it. If that could be the possible reasoning behind it all. But how could she be? She doesn't go around intentionally hurting people. She has friends, even pets. She's not really mean or vicious. She could never be cast as a heartless villain, so she could never be labelled as evil. Right? Wrong. There was something…something wrong, very wrong with her. There had to be. They all saw it. They all see it. They all act on it. It's what makes her deserve it. And that has to make her evil…so very evil and wrong.

"What is it?"

She couldn't understand why she didn't see what they did. Didn't see what made them hate her so much and always want to hurt her. Have to hurt her. Since they always did. Those people dancing around in their false pretences and vicious lies. The worst is when they make her believe them. They always hurt her…but it wasn't their fault. It had to be hers. She was making them hurt her, because she deserved it. Because there was something wrong with her. That would explain it all. That would explain why people were always hurting her…they just had to, to punish her. There was something wrong with her, and they were all just reacting to that. That is the only thing that made sense…she was wrong. There was something wrong with her. She just couldn't see it.

"Maybe it's on the inside…"

She's looking at the reflection again in the mirror, her head tilted in curiosity. Is this really her? No it's not her, not really. The real her is inside, it's evil and so very wrong. It has to be. Maybe she can't see it because it's inside. The evil her is inside her, rotting her from the inside out. Only if she sees it can she fix it. Right? She has to see it. Her head slowly tilted the other way; it was all happening in a surreal slow motion. She would bring it out. Right. That would fix it. Right! She had to bring it out. To fix everything. Right. Everything would be fine then. Right... Fix it…right…

In a calm, fluid motion she brought her head back then forced forward. Smashing it in a rain of glass and blood. Her mouth twitched in a grin, she had let it out and now saw it streaking down the broken glass.

"Everything would be fine now…I'll be fine now…"