Hi everyone! I'm back, with a new story. Actually, its not new. I had it all planned out waaay before my first one. Anyway, here goes...

**************************************************************************** **************************************************************


The tiny man trembled as he held out the precious looking glass to his cruel master. The "master's" face was hidden in shadow. He opened the looking glass and peered eagerly into it.

"Show me the land of beauty that hides many dark secrets," he whispered almost inaudibly.

At first, there was only his own ugly reflection, but still he waited impatiently. Soon, his reflection began to swirl around like fairy dust, magical and wonderfully beautiful. When it focused again, there, in the mirror, was a most beautiful and wonderful scene. A land of beauty, forests green, bubbling streams with mighty mountains came into view. There were wondrous and magical creatures, but the most special ones were a group of winged and horned horses, each a dazzling sight in the evening sunset, with rippling gold manes. The man chuckled evilly, and continued to stare hungrily at the reflection in the mirror.

"Soon, my dears, you will be mine. Soon you will pay for what happened in the past. Soon."

With that, he threw back his head and laughed a mirthless laughter, long and loud. Far, far away, that merry group of creatures was happily celebrating the birth of a single, small unicorn...

**************************************************************************** **************************************************************

Like it? Sounds a little crappy, I know... As for the other story, don't worry, I will continue it.