Love's sharp thorn

With venom death

The hope of life is torn.

And throughout this trouble breast

A warrior heart is born.

It is in the most odd and awkward times when souls find ways to return their long forgotten debts, which more have become a part of them then they ever wished it to. And from this single solitary act, when, just for one moment they must open themselves completely to the mercy of their own being to see that they are so entangled  and immersed and dead in their quest of payment and revenge, a release and forgiveness would denounce their life to a substance less complete and solid than air.

"My sweet. My love. My joy. My life. My all. Promise me that you will always hold my hand, walk beside me, be mine."

"Yes! Yes, for all eternity."

The couple stood intimately close together in a small clearing where the sunlight slipped between the leaves in a mosaic print. They did not kiss or embrace but just stood transfixed in a stare of passions that said so much more than any other type of physical contact could express.

They were not aware of anything that took place around them. The birds fluttered about in the trees, frantically gathering supplies to model their nests and construct it before a gust of wind would knock it away. A grasshopper, stuck deeply beneath the thick layers of dried and decomposing leaves was stretching its wings newly pulled from an old skin. About a mile off, a man could be heard yelling at his children for falling into a puddle of mud after already receiving a cleansing bath. And one snap of a twig, crushed under a soft leather boot that was retracted quickly from the noise, rung out from the surrounding forest. Not one sound was detected by the two. It was this fact that kept the tentative boot-wearer from retreating back into the woods.

Just a smooth second later, and a sliding, shifting breath of an arrow sliding free of a quiver broke the natural silence. One second more and the test of a taught string and the notch of the wood against the bow resounded. All of it unheard, yet the noises rang loud in the ears of the shadow. The sting moaned as it was pulled back as firmly as the flexible sinew would allow. With eyes narrowed and concentrated, the arrows were aimed, the moment was right.

"Kreo! Fancy catching up with you. Hell, whatcha doing?"

The arrows were released in a moment of panic. They shot through the air, dodging away from their triggered point. Instead of piercing through the necks of the couple, the arrows sunk in to the fleshy portions of their backsides.

"Koreo!" the attacker whispered harshly. "Get out of here. You almost made me miss! How can I do my job when you're around spreading you're influence over everything?"

Koreo pulled a twig from behind his ear and snapped it with his fingers. "Ah, but I'm working here too!"

Kreo slapped a hand over his mouth and pulled him back farther behind a tree. "Do you want them to hear you?"

"Huh?" He peaked out around the tree and saw the two lovers who were now turned back to back. It appeared as if the man had been slapped smartly across the face. He held his cheek in his hand and grumbled inaudibly.