I have a dream
Each and every day
And in this dream
It doesn't matter what I weigh

In my dream, I am perfect
There is no ounce of fat on me
I will take off every bit of my clothes
There are no flaws to see

In my dream, I am beautiful
Everyone envies me
And I can eat whole meals
Ignoring Ana's plea

In my dream, I am loved
I am deeply cared for
Men fall in love with me
As for women, they adore

In my dream, I need not to cry
For happiness is all I know
I can't remember shedding a tear
It's been so long ago

Sadly all dreams end
As does mine right now
I wake up and look into the mirror
Staring back at me…a cow

I sigh as Ana comforts me
My dream has come to an end
At least I have Ana left
Who has become my only friend.