Hey, this is my first story on Fictionpress.net, and I had been toying around with the idea of writing this for weeks but have just now gotten around to it. I have to warn you though, I'm a slow writer, so it may be awhile before I get around to writing another chapter. Oh, and one more thing, this fic will contain some foul language and violence so the impressionable youth in the audience should clear out, thanks.

Omniscience Chapter 1

The Center for Disease Control, Washington D.C., 1:30 am

A figure sat cloaked in the shadows across the street from the main building of the CDC complex. He had been waiting for an hour and a half for this moment. A guard was standing near the building's entrance, reading a newspaper and sipping from a thermos of coffee. A second guard casually strolled along the eastern wall away from the gaze of the door guard. The second guard lifted his radio and quietly spoke into it.

"1:30 report east wall clear." The figure in the bushes had to strain his ears to hear what the guard was saying, but he picked up the sound of his voice, he quickly committed the voice to memory and moved out of his position towards the wall. The guard never saw him coming, he struck from behind with a silenced handgun, quickly and cleanly shooting him in the back of the head. A satisfied smirk crossed his lips as the guard collapsed to the ground. He bent down and fiddled with what was strapped to the guards belt until he located the radio. In the dark he could barely make out the controls on the radio, but then again he didn't have to. The guard had not changed the frequency after talking with the door guard, so he would simply have to turn it on. Pressing a button, the radio crackled back to life and the faint sound of the guard sipping his coffee on the other end could be heard. Quietly clearing his throat, he opened his mouth, and began talking in a perfect facsimile of the dead guard's voice, "door guard this is east wall, copy?" He asked.

"This is door guard, and call me Jim damnit, enough with the formalities." the crackling voice responded. He internally seethed before replying. "There's something fucked up going on here." "Like what?" " I'm thinking we might have some unexpected visi-" He quickly fired his silenced pistol into the ground, even silenced, the shot would have been loud and clear on the other end of the radio. "Mike?! Mike?! Holy shit!"

The line promptly went dead. He dropped the radio next to the dead guard and rushed around the next corner dragging the body with him. He dragged it to the next corner of the wall and dumped it there, then he hid behind the corner. An instant later, he heard the other guards footsteps. His smirk crossed his face once again. The guard was too caught up in the moment to raise an alarm, now it'd be a walk in the park. The guard reached the scene and stared down at his fallen comrade. He quickly bent down to see if he was still alive but before he could an arm lashed out from around the corner and smashed the butt of a pistol into his face with seemingly superhuman strength. The guard collapsed unconscious. He emerged from behind the corner and looked down at the man. His obviously broken nose stuck out at an odd angle, as blood slowly but steadily flowed from it. He quickly searched the man's pockets and located the door keys. He walked back to the door along the wall, passed the empty guard station, and walked to the main door. He tested three keys before he found the right one and pushed the heavy metal door open. He walked down the corridor past a number of rooms and offices. There were remarkably few guard patrols inside the actual building. He assumed this was because none of the guards wanted to risk a firefight in a place where a single broken vile could end up killing everyone in D.C.. He had finally entered the lab wing after about five minutes of walking. He turned towards the first of the labs he passed and tried to turn the knob. It wouldn't budge. He looked down at a curious wall mounted device next to the door, a retina scanner, he thought, he'd be damned if he'd let something like this stop him. He had been sure to get a good look at the eyes of the two guards he had earlier divested of their lives, and for exactly this reason. He bent towards the device and strained his eyes. They began to alter beneath his eyelids, the color changed from green to blue, and the pattern of his iris altered as well. With his new eye in place, he simply bent down to the machine and looked into the lens. A green light wafted across his eye, and a red light next to the scanner turned green. There was an audible click as the door unlocked, he bolted straight up, he knew that any guards in the vicinity would surely have heard that. After waiting for a moment to make sure that no one had, he opened the door and crept into the dark lab. His orders were to retrieve three disease samples, he had been given no instructions as to which diseases, they had essentially told him to decide on the fly, not wanting to risk getting captured, he quickly placed three samples into a briefcase which was lying on a table and exited the lab. He knew the next guard shift would not be for twenty minutes, so he knew there would still be nobody at the door guard station. So he went back the way he came, he slinked past the door station and disappeared into the night.

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