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Omniscience Chapter 12

Wolfe's enthusiasm about his discovery had diminished almost immediately after

he left the facility. He was leaning against the bumper of his bullet strewn car, as the

significantly more laid back Bryce placed a tarp he had gotten from a nearby utility shed

over the bodies of Keagon and her unfortunate guard.

"They're never going to let us get away with this, you know." Wolfe said quietly,

raising his head to meet the gaze of Bryce. The Englishman looked over his shoulder and

gave a perplexed look.

"Huh?" He questioned. A seemingly angered Wolfe pushed himself off of the

car and trudged his way to Bryce's crouching body.

"Don't you get it!" He yelled in Bryce's face. "This was a government cover-up!

Do you think the higher ups are gonna just let us saunter over to a press conference and

announce that the government has been torturing and mutating people since the sixties!

Especially now that the whole damn thing just blew up in their faces!" Bryce, either

perturbed by Wolfe's ranting or his breath, adopted a sour expression and pushed his

head away. Wolfe took the interruption in stride and finished his rant. "And now we've

got an extremely dangerous weapon in tow with a madman who's gonna sell the recipe to

an even madder madman!" Winded, he degenerated into heavy breathing.

"Are you quite done?" Bryce asked patiently. Wolfe nodded between gasps.

"Well good." Bryce finished. He leaned back against the side of the car next to Wolfe.

"I'm tempted to agree with you though," he said, sighing. "It's very likely that your

government will not allow us to expose this information." He made a strangled noise

with his throat. "Damnit! What is wrong with Americans!?" Wolfe cocked an eyebrow.

"Was that a shot?" He asked, causing Bryce to shake his head. No sooner had

that small exchange been completed, than two cars roared into the empty lot and a group

of men popped out of them. Bryce and Wolfe sat there, mildly stunned, as seven or eight

guns were pointed at their heads. One of the men rose above the others, who were

kneeling as they pointed their weapons at Bryce and Wolfe.

"On your feet!" The man yelled. Wolfe glanced at Bryce from the corner of his

eye, before sliding onto one knee and raising slowly off the ground, keeping his hands in

the air. Bryce did the same. The armed group of men began crouching and walking

towards them. Wolfe still had himself presses against the car, he knew that if he went

into the open, he would be completely surrounded and it would be over for him and his

Brit bastard of an uninvited partner. The man who had spoken to them walked slowly

over to the car, although he was not holding a weapon, Wolfe took care to notice that he

was wearing a trench coat, indicating that he most likely was carrying a concealed. The

man walked into the middle of the semicircle of armed men which had formed around

the two from one bumper to the other. "I am Agent Liam Adams of the FBI." He said

calmly. "You are under arrest for the murders of Autumn Keagon and Carter Woodrue."

Wolfe gave an incredulous look, before a light dawned in his eyes. He jolted his head to

one side.

"Shit man, they think we did it!" Bryce turned to him and gave him a look that

would have made the world's smartest man feel like a colossal moron.

"Speak of the Devil." One of the guards whispered. Wolfe looked back the other

way, only to see one of the gunmen yanking the sheet that Bryce had placed over the two

bodies off. The Agent smirked.

"Pick 'em up and put 'em in the back of the car!" He yelled. Two more of the

gunmen responded quickly, moving over to help the first with the bodies. The agent

pointed to Bryce and Wolfe, then back at one of the cars. Wolfe was quickly hustled

forward as one of the men yanked him from his leaning position. The man pulled

Wolfe's hands down and started digging in his pockets for a pair of cuffs. The instant

Wolfe felt his hands brush along the side of his jacket, he started a mental countdown.

3...Wolfe placed his hand into his pocket, and formed a death grip on something he knew

was in there. 2...the man finally pulled out a pair of cuffs and moved to grab Wolfe's

wrists. 1...Wolfe's hand was pulled out of his pocket, and before the guard behind him

could move a muscle, Wolfe spun around and jammed his handgun into the man's ear,

forming a headlock with his free hand. The man screamed, and all the others, including

the one who was cuffing Bryce, turned around. Not one to miss an opportunity, Bryce

mimicked the move and came up with his own hostage. Although Bryce's handgun was

actually empty, he was willing to take a chance. The other camp's guns were drawn, and

Bryce and Wolfe, hostages still in hand, backed against the car once again. Wolfe

reached behind him with his free hand and located the door handle. Over the sound of

Adams ordering them to release the captive men, Wolfe nodded to Bryce and removed

his gun from the terrified man's head, and in one smooth motion pitched the man

forward into the small crowd of gunmen, Bryce looked away and followed suit. The two

men were thrown into the surprised gunmen, knocking three of them down while Wolfe

yanked the car door open and dove into the drivers seat. Bryce pulled out his sidearm, and piled in behind Wolfe. The startled Adams anxiously looked between the escaping

pair and his downed men, clearly unsure of which was of greater importance. He seemed

to finally settle on a course of action just as Bryce was closing his door. Snarling like a

beast, he reached into his coat and pulled out a what appeared to be Colt Magnum,

confirming Wolfe's suspicions about concealed weapons.

"Uhh…" He began, tapping at Wolfe's shoulder. Wolfe stopped fumbling with

the keys long enough to look up and promptly have his rear view mirror blown off by an

errant gunshot. He pulled out his sidearm, and leaned over Bryce, forcing him back into

his seat. He fired off two shots, one of which missed entirely and the other which struck

the target a few inches above his knee. Adams yelped in pain before collapsing to the

ground on his good knee. Meanwhile, the rest of Adam's men had gotten to their feet

and decided, like Adams had, that the escapees were more important than their

temporarily crippled leader. They retrieved their dropped weapons and opened fire into

the car. Bryce and Wolfe ducked into their seats, as their side windows were blown to

bits. Wolfe promptly forgot about fumbling with them, and instead brutally stabbed one

key into the ignition. The car started immediately, and Wolfe slammed his foot into the

accelerator , pulling away from the approaching sounds of gunshots and footsteps. He

rose in his seat and turned around the corner of a building, as shots echoed in the distance

behind them.

Wolfe was not a patient man. Being that he was sitting in a demolished car on top

of a pile of broken glass that had once been called a 'seat', he was not in the mood for

conversation. Bryce however, Wolfe figured, would probably talk himself through a

nuclear attack.

"Who could have known that we were there?" He asked, more a rhetorical

question than an actual one. They had been driving for about forty five minutes since

they had escaped the arms facility, and all the empty stretch of highway that lay for miles

before them meant to Wolfe was that Bryce would have more time to mindlessly yammer

in his ear. "Nobody knew we were there, how could they have known that Keagon was

dead?" Wolfe had been listening, vaguely, and as he and was about to formulate a

response , his weight shifted to a particularly pointy section of broken glass. The two

men shifted uncomfortably in their seats, until the car leveled out and they had returned

to the slightly more comfortable broken glass. Wolfe, temporarily distracted from their

current conversation, focused his thoughts in a different direction.

"You know, it's funny," he began. "If I had taken Isaiah's car like he offered, I'd

have another problem on my…" His speech trailed off. He glanced over at Bryce, who

had a skeptical look on his face.

"What?" He asked, still puzzled. Wolfe turned back to the wheel, and let out a

long sigh.

"Goddamnit!" He yelled. "Don't you get it!?" He said angrily. "Isaiah was the

only other one who knew that we were going there! He had to be the one who ratted us

out!" A light quickly dawned in Bryce's eyes. Wolfe turned away, muttering to himself.

Bryce was contemplating all this, and turned back towards him.

"You know what this means don't you?" He said, not entirely expecting an

answer. "We're going to have to stop Blake and Saadat ourselves." Wolfe bared his

teeth, clearly exasperated, he turned back to him.

"How do you expect us to do that?" He exclaimed. "We don't even know where

either of them are!" Bryce smirked.

"We don't, but I know someone who does." Wolfe gave a questioning look. "He

used to be friend of mine. The only problem might be trying to find him around his old

stomping grounds." Wolfe still looked skeptical.

"Used to be?" He questioned. Bryce ignored the comment.

"Hope you don't get airsick." Was all he said.

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