forgive my forgiveness.

Let me forget that day,

that I cried,

and lost you forever.

I crashed against the side of the road,

a delirious trance overtook me,

and I became a beautiful mad woman,

crawling across agony's face like a drip of water on a slippery floor.

I prayed,

to be made sane,

before my sixteenth birthday.

To be left alone

when it came to this slow decay of my soul.

To not see the faces of the beloved ones on the other side.

Just to be left alone,

to cry.

The road that I walked on was steep,

I found that my body gave way several times.


tear Fell



liquid face.

Burning a whole inside of my innocence.

Let me beg,

please come back,

please be normal,

and special again,

on the other side

that I've always begged to be on.


the sweet things you said before.


to my fiery touch.

Just once more,

so that this road won't be so empty,

and I'll,

find happiness once more.