The sky fills my eyes,
Deep red with crimson setting sun,
The sea in the distance echoes in my ears,
Roaring the echo of my heart,
A heart filled with the fire of passion,
Passion for my belief.

My feet upon the earth they walk,
Relishing the feel,
Goddess working her magick throughout me,
Stirring my heart like the choppy sea.

A strong wind blows.
Ruffling my sapphire dress,
Filling me with the sense that what I feel is true.
For what else can it be?

As I dance among the green oak trees,
Fire of sun smiling upon me,
Strength of air protecting me,
Calm of water filling me,
Oh! How the magick comes!

Coursing through me,
Beat upon beat,
My heart sends it through my veins.

It fills me with such joy,
A joy that cannot be replaced!
The joy of knowing ones own self,
On a higher level one must know,
Dancing with the Goddess in her life-filled gardens!

As the pulse quickens so do we,
Dancing in the light of the setting sun,
Hand in hand we create the magick,
We create the energy,
Healing, wonderful energy.

Our hearts intermingle,
Our minds giving purpose,
Hands ascending to the sky.

Fill the hearts of the lonely,
The needy,
The famine and poverty stricken.
War torn families need you,
Go forth and do what is right!

We feel the magick filling the earth,
Our bodies falling back to it's gentle embrace,
Cradled in the softness of the grass,
And thus we part,
Under newly risen full moon,
But the magick stays forever in my heart.

Earth beneath my feet,
Wind in my hair,
Water at my mouth,
Fire in my heart.