She loves me but ... I don't love her
I love the one who loved me but now doesn't care
She loves the way I'm just me, and who we once were
I think of constantly of her face, her smile, her hair

We together for a week, shit happened then we didn't speak
The time I spent with her, I felt complete
We got back together years later you said I still made your knees weak
But the happiness I felt with her, your love for me just can't compete

You want to be with me, I'm a fool, I lead you on
My love for her was love and now it's long gone
Moved from swing swing to the last song
You left me for another, nothing you say can right that wrong

I like you but I don't love you
What the fuck I just wanted to hug you
I'm with you only because I'm not with her
Why did it have to end, that feeling of love was just a blur

Girl your in a dream world, our relationship is surmised
I think I'll be harsh on u as she was to me, and you'll be surprised

Girl I love, u too know how new stuff arises
My life now lit up like your eyes did

Both of you are hiding behind different guises
Girl who loves me, I don't know... we'll do what time devises
Girl I loved, I hate you and I'll never be a sucker for compromises