Basket Baby

There was a girl
Of some-teen years
Possessed a newborn's soul.
Unknown face, eyes, hands
Without form
except to the INVISIBLE EYES.

Unnaturally born to me
Brought ~
NOT conceived
yet delivered by the Holy Ghost.

A burden
laid down in the basket of my heart
Not to rest:
But to twist, turn, bleed, groan.

I fed her with spiritual milk meant to become solid food,
Gave her voice by giving ear to her words,
Nurtured her growth with each penstroke,
Caressed her with tender words of prayer.

The Time-Ocean swept her cradle far:
I cannot see her
from where
I stand.

She is growing dim...

* * *

I made a vow to God
That I would love HIM by writing letters,
licking stamps.

How I wish you would make HIM smile
Calling on HIS NAME in prayer!
Pray, my child-- pray.

If you do not
or cannot
Or can do so more than I can imagine
(Perhaps you are already on the Other Side)

Know that I will do it for you!

You did not need a friend to cheer you
Nor a sister to encourage you
But a mother -- heartbroken for you -- to weep, worry,
Call on the Name of GOD
for you.

A mother to give you freedom to

fly, fly, fly

Far from sorrow,

Fly, whether alive or dead, into the Savior's Arms!

Whether alive or dead, I now bury you in the shadow
Of the Father of Souls: Hide Within!

Let Him open your heart;

Let Him restore your mind.