Note: Written for school- some of the only homework I enjoyed. *sigh * Read and review, please? J

Ode To A Fallen Big Maple Leaf

Oh, sweet bringer of autumn.

Of crunch-leaves, warm october sky.

You descended to Earth,

Gracing us with your beauty.

Shot through with lightning bolts,

Of etastic yellow, laced by orange and green.

A gift from the arbour of trees.

One colorful piece of the kaleidoscope,

Falling, rustles like a crestfalllen whisper,

Floating, lofting here.

You scent is sweet,

Organic, earthy.

And fragrant, hot maple syrup.

You're like the lacqeured fingernail,

Of the Earth Mother.

Dangerously awe inspiring and lovely

Her hands reach,

Blooming green,

Life a butterfly

And fall to me.