Well seeing how 'A4 Fantasy Adventure' isn't doing well I decided to tell another story about school life. The following story is set in an Agriculture class whose classroom is the school library. Only a few of the main characters will be appearing in this and if proves successful then I'll bring in more for the second. Also this story is comprised of ridiculous plots and is sort of thing you'd read in a comic written by some mad man. Enough of this me talking like an idiot, let's get on with the story. Enjoy.

The Agriculture Class Chapter 1: - The trouble with downloading Anime

It was just another ordinary day for Mr O Donovan's Agriculture class as they sat at different tables or computers. As one student logged onto his computer his teacher Mr O Donovan suddenly called him into his/Miss Gould office.

Mr O Donovan: Ben can I speak to you please?

Ben: #Sigh# Yes sir.

Ben got up from out of his chair and a fellow student named Johnny quickly jumped into it.

Johnny: (Stupid grin) Now I can download that episode of Catchemmon I wanted to see.

Back in the office......

Mr O Donovan: Ben I need you to deleted all those 'features' you downloaded off that web site so it made you easier to download animes.

Ben: (Confused) Why?

Mr O Donovan: Well for starters you're meant to be doing work in school not watching that crap.

Ben: I don't watch that crap I watch Demon Cardholders!

Mr O Donovan: (Angry) What the hell is the difference?

Ben: One is about an annoying female sounding kid who wastes his time walking around in an unrealistic outfit trying to catch monsters in tennis ball sized cages when he could be spending his time using some of those water monsters to wet the shirts of a couple of high school girls if you know what I mean.

Mr O Donovan: ....... Right but you see ........

Mr O Donovan's sentence is interrupted by the sound of the telephone ringing.

Mr O Donovan: Hang on (picks up the phone) yeah hello? .......... O hi ............ yeah ........... yeah ........ So how much ............. (Shocked) that much to fix it? ............. So its important he deletes them today?............ Right I'm on it.

Mr O Donovan quickly puts down the phone.

Mr O Donovan: That was Mr Caldwell he said that if those 'features' don't get deleted before another show is downloaded then the school's network system could crash.

Ben: And that would cost the school what exactly?

Mr O Donovan: A couple of thousand pounds that we don't have.

Outside Mr O Donovan's office we see Johnny waiting patently for his show to download. Suddenly another window opens like one of those annoying pop up ads.

Johnny: (Confused) What the ..... mumble, mumble ....... If you continue ........ system will ........ Costing the school ........ Mumble ......... (Deletes the window) I wish I had a gun and five minutes alone with the guy who created pop up ads on the Internet.

Robert a former pupil now assistant to Mr O Donovan notices what Johnny has been doing and quickly runs towards his office.

Robert: (Opens door) Sir, Johnny has been ............

Mr O Donovan: Hello Robert did you water the plants?

Robert: What? I mean sir Johnny is ............

Mr O Donovan: Did you water the plants?

Robert: But sir .......

Mr O Donovan: (Angry) Did you water the plants?

Robert: If I say yes will you shut the hell up and let me tell you Johnny is downloading another anime using Ben's computer? From what the warning said the system would crash if another show were to be downloaded.

Mr O Donovan: (Shocked) What?!?!? (Angry) Why the hell didn't you tell me you stupid little boy!

Robert: I'm only 17 I'm not a pupil anymore.

Mr O Donovan: O it's always about you isn't it? What about me? What about my problems? (Angry) WHAT ABOUT MY DAM PLANTS THAT NEED WATERING!?!?!?!

Ben: Sir ....... the system.

Mr O Donovan: O yeah (turns to Robert) take that hippie!

Mr O Donovan punches Robert in the face knocking him unconscious onto the floor whilst Ben just looks at him shocked and confused.

Ben: (Confused) Why the hell did you do that for?

Mr O Donovan: Look we can't let them take over the world with their peace and love mumbo, jumbo. It threatens our violent way of life.

Ben: (Confused) What the #@*% are you talking about you mad man?

Suddenly Miss Gould enters the office holding a container of pills and a glass of water.

Miss Gould: Don't worry his meds are just warring off again he'll be fine after he takes these.

Mr O Donovan: (Holding a cross) ACK! Get away from me in the name of all things that are holy!

Miss Gould: Cram down Mr O Donovan.

Ben quickly leaves Mr O Donovan's office and walks over to Johnny.

Johnny: Just a few more minutes and soon .........

Ben: (Annoyed) What have I told you about using my computer?

Johnny: What the (notices Ben) Ah nuts.

Ben: What are you downloading anyway?

Johnny: I'm just downloading that episode of Catchemmon that was banned from TV over here and the US.

Ben: Johnny there is a perfectly good reason why they can't show that episode. They can't show the scene where the villain gets shot up the bum by a forest ranger with a BB gun.

Johnny: I'm not downloading that one.

Ben: Um ......... they had to change the names of their attacks because 'Love whip of Lust' sounds ..........

Johnny: I'm not downloading that one neither Ben.

Ben: #Sigh# Ok then forget that last one. You see they can't say the evil female villain is actually a guy because ..........

Johnny: Still not the right one Benji-boy.

Ben: (Evil death glare) Don't call me 'Benji-boy' again or you will die!

Hours Later ......

Ben: They can't show the episode with the five second sex change because .....

Johnny: (Stupid grin) Not even close.

Ben: (Angry) Enough with this explaining crap let me have a look at which episode you're downloading.

Ben pushes Johnny out of the way and checks the name of the episode he is downloading. Unfortunately to Ben's how shall I put this? 'Horror' Johnny is actually downloading something entirely different. Robert also exits Mr O Donovan's office at the same time holding an ice pack over his jaw and looking very confused.

Robert: I can't believe he nearly broke my jaw (Notices Ben) Oh Ben, what's up?

Ben: I just found out that Johnny hasn't been downloading an episode of some gay and boring cartoon that should of died years ago.

Robert: (Confused) So what has he been downloading then?

Ben: Not only has he downloaded a 'fan movie' if you catch my drift but it also contains a virus.

Robert: How bad a virus?

Ben: No more I.T lessons bad.

Robert: But where will I get my free Internet? My free email? (Confused) Waitaminute what did you mean by 'fan movie'?

Ben: Well um ..... it's a #cough# yoai #cough#.

Robert: Yoai? (Looks excited) You mean girl on girl anime?

Ben: No the ..... other ..... one ..... if you know what I mean?

Robert: O you mean ..... then what's .......

Ben: Yuri.

Robert: (Shocked) Yuri?!? Ah man I thought yoai was ..... oh ...... (Looks disgusted) all those email lists I signed on for ..... oh no.

Ben quickly glances over at Robert before looking back at the computer screen.

Ben: If you don't mind I'm just returning to the matter at hand which is the ever increasing threat of the system crashing which in turn will probably force the school to close ........... (Confused) Waitaminute I hate school! Why am I trying to save it?

Mr O Donovan: Because I told you to.

Ben: O that's right because that bold drunken idiot who knows nothing about computers told me to.

Ben hadn't noticed Mr O Donovan had just appear behind him.

Mr O Donovan: (Shouts) 'Bold drunken idiot'?

Ben: (Confused) What the? (Notices Mr O Donovan) AAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben attempts to escape but unfortunately he trips over Johnny's school bag and bangs his head against a table knocking him out.

Robert: For Pete's sake Johnny why didn't you put your bag under the table?

Everyone in the library (expect Mr O Donovan) looks at Johnny with evil death glares (they all love I.T).

Johnny: I was going to.

Without warning every student in the library (including Robert) viciously dog piled onto Johnny showing him no mercy whilst Mr O Donovan just looks at them with an unfeeling look on his face.

Mr O Donovan: (Sarcastically) O that's just great now the only computer nerd I have who is smart enough to solve this crisis has knocked himself out! Another student is being beaten to death by his 'class mates' and I could be next with the teaching staff. What the hell else could go wrong?

A screen appears on the window, which says 'download completed'. Mr O Donovan looks at the screen, sigh's a heavy sigh and then looks at the dog piled Johnny who is trying to escape.

Mr O Donovan: You stupid boy.

Suddenly the computers in the library begin to crash one by one. Then the computers in the computer rooms begin to crash one by one almost as if they were dominoes leaving Mr o Donovan to stare around at the chaos. Another of his pupils named Andrew walks up to Mr O Donovan from behind and just pats him on the back.

Andrew: Cheer up sir it could be worse.

Suddenly the school's power supply goes out causing all the lights to out leaving the library in complete darkness. We also hear the sound of someone being punched violently by a teacher and falling to the ground knocked out.

Mr O Donovan: Stupid boy.


Well that's it for my first 'Agriculture Class' story. Let us know if you want there to be a second one in the review. If you're wondering why I choose to poke fun at anime it's because many people at my old school seemed to be getting more interested in it. So I thought why not mention it. R + R Please good or bad.