I pick up the phone and here your voice on the line,
You're crying and saying you're sorry. can I forgive you one more time.
Don't you understand that you've hurt me bad?
It's going to take more than that to mend this heart of mine.

You're phoning me every hour, every minute of every day,
Asking If I'll just listen to what you have to say.
Don't you know I'm tired of excuses?
What's the point in listening, anyway?

I've got another letter with your writing on the front,

Trying to convince me that it's still me that you want.
Don't you know the feeling isn't mutual?
Too late, babe I've moved on.

I found someone who loves me, someone who's gonna treat me right,
Who isn't gonna disappoint me every day and every night.
Have you finally got the message?
You're out of mind, out of sight.