When You Smile

Did I see what I thought I saw?
Or was it just a dream?
I peer ever closer into your flawless eyes
Trying to find that gleam...

Like the moon emerging from behind the clouds
That have been there a thousand years...
Filling me with relief and contentment
Moving me to tears...

I've never seen you look so beautiful
Light shining from your eyes
After so long of dragging through the snow
It took me by surprise

Like a sunflower opening in early morn
After years of being scared to try...
The bells in your voice laugh a thousand songs
I never thought I'd come by

When I see the clouds pass from out of your eyes
And hear the laughter that just seems divine...
You'll never know how beautiful you are
Little lost angel of mine

Like the sun rising after a thousand nights
Waiting to emerge all the while
You'll never know how beautiful you are...
When you smile