Author's Notes:

Whew! That certainly went fast. Hopefully not too fast, though, as I suppose that you would be irritated with me otherwise ;).

Many thanks to all the people who took some characters into their hearts and had fun screaming at each other: BbHtrYoink, Ashwin S., Rina Riku, Samilia, Orion Alai, White Lyther, Werecat99, A. Lee, and Irisclara. And to anyone who finds this story afterward, hoped you enjoyed! Questions and comments are always welcome, here or in my e-mail.

This will definitely not be the last book in the story. It's the Pretentious Pentad, so there's four more to go. The second book will tentatively be titled Destined To Be Slightly Hapless, and I'll start its posting on Wednesday.

Laughter and poetry and baffling Destiny to all of you!