My life is a "Girl Comic"
Do you wanna know why?
Ill lay it out for you, all nice and neat:
My Friends
A gothic girl
A punk artist
A punk writer
A nice weirdo
A mean brat
One Guy between us all
The gothic girl always listens
But never speaks to show her opinion
The punk artist had experienced a lot in life
But does not realize she has not experienced everything
The punk writer has been through a lot
But hinders he own recovery
The nice weirdo is always their to cheer
But lets the world know all her troubles and sorrows
The mean brat has lost many previous friends to death
But is a naïve, lying, bitch
((Okay, so she isn't my friend, just in our 'group'))
The One Guy has a nice inside
But has no clue how to handle a romantic relationship
Our story:
The One Guy loved the Punk Artist
Who then was not all 'tuff gurl'
He loved her so much
He cried when he was not with her
She loved him enough
To leave
He did not understand
And took this as an insult
She got mad at him for not understanding
And they have since been utter enemies
The One Guy then tells the writer
That he loves her
She has loved him all along
And never doubts him for a minute
But he was merely getting back at the Punk artist
Who hooked up only a little bit after the break up
The One Guy says he hates the Writer
And she was left broken
The Artist helps her up
And tells her to let the hatred flow
The Mean Brat has a BF who loves her with all his heart
Her love is only on the surface
And leaves him when The One Guy tells her he loves her
She justifies this by saying
I thought I loved the BF, but I now love The One Guy
The Artist tries to tell the Brat
He is only going to dump you again
She is naïve
And believes they will be together forever
The BF gets a phone call from The One Guy
Asking him to get the Brat to hate him, for he never loved her
The BF tells the Artist
Who laughs
He worriedly tells the Brat
Who does not believe
The One Guy says that the BF misunderstood
Then denies the whole thing
The Gothic Girl all the while believes that the first were two mistakes
And the Brat is the one at fault with the currant
From far away I laugh
Wondering how it will turn out
However, close in
I am confused
Sometimes hating the One Guy
Sometimes loving him
Sometimes doubting myself
That love is what will be the one to heal in the end
And not what the Artist says
That hate is what gives comfort when you are alone
However, we are never alone, are we?
At least, that what I try with all my might to believe