Together as One Apart

Atop the cliff of misery,

The winds of pursuit hasten by,

Stands a girl of innocence,

Hair of streaming golden love,

Her pale hand held out to the sky,

Commanding the wayward rain to seize,

But the curtain of icy death

Only mocks her movement

With a watery hand of cobalt.

She turns her crystalline eyes of patience

Down to the crashing waves of loss,

Praying that soon the erosion of their pain

Will turn to the calm of hope.

The ocean continues to roar.


Stranded on a rock of mystery,

Surrounded by a sea of ridicule,

Lays the wounded and bloodied body

Of a young man known as nescience.

He reaches his olive skinned hand

To the clouds of hate above,

Ordering their demise.

The winds of pursuit pick up again,

The young man shudders under their cloak.

Gripping to the boulder of animosity,

Refusing to fall into the abyss of sorrow.


They cry out together as one,

As the tempest of deceit climaxes,

Their wounded pleas reach to the sky,

Feeding its gaping appetite with joy,

Together as one,

Though the seas of longing

Separate them from the other,

They give into the reeking power of fate,

And tumble into the black sea of tragedy.