As I cower in the closet
I hear the pounding noise
Your feet like angry horsehooves
I start to cry and cry
I shake and tremble
But I think that you wont care
You always hit me in the face and yank upon my hair
My bruises start to sting me
The cuts, they open up
I close my eyes and feel like i will soon throw up
you yell and shout and scream
i stay silent in my spot
i start to sweat and feel quite hot
you stop in front of the door
and i hold my breath
then you slam it open
and i look apon death
i scream and try to run
but to no avail
whe it comes to you, i seem to always fail
i start to close my eyes and feel the pain upon my body
the belts leather snaps and snaps
i close my eyes and start to pray
...but hey. thats just a normal day