Bleeding Bride.

Sitting on the edge of time,
Awaiting penance for his heinous crime,
The man of yesterday can't find his place,
Tomorrow will bring new scars to his face,
Because today he bled and bled,
Bled till her selfish hunger was fed,
Then the poor soul made her wrists bleed,
Chained her to the bed and placed the key,
So it was just beyond her reach,
Sucked the pearls of sadness like a thirsty leach,
Cupid sang tragic melodies,
As she begged for forgiveness on her knees,
He watched sadly as the flame consumed her tears,
As his crying love died burning, so did his fears,
Watching the flames engulf the screaming whore,
He threw his ring of love to the bloodstained floor,
He was crippled badly on that glorious day,
Tugging at the strings of his heart she cruelly played,
Step inside his crystal tears,
Witness the neglect of so many years,
Never discreet about her ways,
He watched on as his love began to fade,
Carefully tearing his heart from out of his chest,
She placed it bottled with unkindly zest,
On the mantle where all could see,
While each of her words he'd heed,
Friends and family alike,
Could see him ailing, could see him fight,
Now though she scorches before him,
Punishment for her loveless sin,
She stood before the altar her love declared,
When you lie to love how does the other fare?
They fall from grace, left in a struggle of the mind,
Love and hate float inside, on his sanity they dined,
The match maker of heaven, the angel of love,
Missed his target his aiming rough,
To the ashes she returns,
As he watches his bleeding bride burn.