*I dare you not to tell white lies
Look deeply into my eyes
And promise me if you can
Not to lie to another woman *
I swore unto thee
my love eternally
until death do us part
hopefully we'll have chance to start.
Watch over me through love and bliss
sealed finally by one last kiss .
Try me
see what I see
do as I do
every thing I could to keep this love true.
out of no where it came
and took your life when it left.
then it was gone
and as the scores of the game rolled by
your body limp in my arm as I cry
why don't you see
what you have done to me
and my soul lay separately
regarding me
like some trash on the road
they burden me
cant lighten my load
try me
do as I do
see what I see
millions falling in the road
on the path before me
on and on and on and on
nothing there so I keep going
until I reach my destiny
try me

life's a bitch
but we all die
you had to go and leave me
here to cry
all I see is red
loves gone just tears to shed
on the highway gone on to heaven
but then the clock strikes eleven
and all hell breaks loose
their lives I take
in just one single noose
stand before me like a man I say
plead guilty if you want to
lets pray
'dear heavenly father
whom art in heaven
Hollywood be thy name
thy kingdom shall come
that will be done on earth
as it is in heaven it shall be
follow your path
trust your destiny
try me'
life's a bitch but then you'll die any way
think your safe but then comes fire many days
walking the path down the roads of my life
leave it all behind me
hatred domination and strife
made me as strong as I am
and for the rest of my life
I'll be me
going one on one with destiny
but before I die
I'll be the best that I can
All in all the one and only true woman

You romanced me
Like Romeo did Juliet
But when I felt love
You went and hid
tried to hold back
Blew off all my friends and family for you
But then you changed
And I did to and
With a blink of my eye
You were gone
And I wanted to die
And I did
but some one caught me on the way down
and held on wouldn't let me drown
and all the pity I swam in
went away with the clouds
doves took flight
as I realized I had come into the light
try me
do as I do
see what I see
you and I weren't meant to be
and if anything was there
tell me where and I'll go and see
what I did to you
and what you did to me.
Try me.
~Nat~ 2000